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10/12/2017 Guest Presentation with Price Headley

In order to download click on the link below, once on the video page you will right click on the video then hit "download" to save to your files.

Stock Chat - Thursday 10/12/17

In the course of the webinar, he outlined how his Options Volatility Trader was specifically created to achieve consistent income AND portfolio growth in both bull and bear markets by trading exclusively on the iPath S&P 500 VIX Short-Term Futures ETN, better known as VXX.

However, while most strategies focus on either buying or selling, he uses a simple in-the-money Weekly Options buying system AND a high-probability credit spread service to give subscribers the opportunity to both hit big gains AND consistent income on the VXX. These twin strategies, with a combined 6 trades per month on one of the most liquid names on the market, enable subscribers to trade in periods of both low and high volatility and with contract prices of less than $5 on the buying side and credits from 20 to 30 cents per 1-point spread on the selling side, you don't need a huge account to take advantage!


Options Volatility Trader is your chance to narrow your focus and hit consistent Weekly Options profits on VXX on both the long and short side but if you need evidence of how successful Options Volatility Trader has been, take a look at some of the big gains recorded in the service since we began trading it in January of this year:


* +54% GAINS on VXX February (Week 1) 21 Puts

* +48% GAINS on VXX February (Week 4)17/16.5 Put Credit Spread

* +67% GAINS on VXX March (Week 4) 16/15.5 Put Credit Spread

* +48% GAINS on VXX March (Week 4) 17.5 Puts

* +44% GAINS on VXX April (Week 1) 17 Puts

* +53% GAINS on VXX April (Week 1) 15.5/15 Put Credit Spread

* +47% GAINS on VXX April (Week 2) 15.5/15 Put Credit Spread

* +53% GAINS on VXX May (Week 1) 16.5 Puts

* +33% GAINS on VXX May (Week 1) 14.5/14 Put Credit Spread

* +33% GAINS on VXX May (Week 2) 14/13.5 Put Credit Spread

* +52% GAINS on VXX June (Week 5) 12.5/12 Put Credit Spread

* +53% GAINS on VXX August (Week 1) 11/10.5 Put Credit Spread

* +59% GAINS on VXX August (Week 2) 1/10.5 Put Credit Spread

* +30% GAINS on VXX September (Week 2) 46/45 Put Credit Spread

* +35% GAINS on VXX October (Week 1) 43.5 Put

* And many more besides!


Of course, not every trade will be a winner and past performance is no guarantee of future success but through a combination of precise VXX trade signals and strict trade management, this system aims to keep the winners higher than the losers in both percentage gain and frequency.


Options Volatility Trader is perfect for traders of all levels who want to harness volatility for weekly cash flow AND portfolio growth but if you are worried that you do not have the time to execute these weekly trade recommendations, auto-trading is available with both thinkorswim/TD Ameritrade and Avant-Garde Trading.


You will also receive weekly video updates from me as well as having the option of unlimited e-mail support for any questions that may arise throughout your membership.

The list price for Options Volatility Trader is $199 for a 1-month subscription but for today and tomorrow only, they are taking $130 off!


Thatís right - you can get a 1-month auto-renew of Options Volatility Trader for just $69!


With an average of 6 trades a month, this stunning low price equates to as little $11 a trade!


To put this value into perspective, if you started with a $10,000 trading account and placed $1,000 on every trade since January 1st, your account would be up $4,638 before commissions! That's a 46% portfolio gain in just 9 months!


But we're still not done there because if you join Options Volatility Trader today, you will also have the option of adding lifetime access to his Volatility Boot Camp (a $299 value) for a one-time charge of just $100!  


The Volatility Boot Camp, which comprises three extensive classes (with over five hours of content) on the ins and outs of successfully buying and selling VXX options, covers everything that you'll ever need to know to successfully trade volatility and includes the following classes:   
1. VXX Essentials
2. My Favorite VXX Growth Strategy

3. My Favorite VXX Income Strategy


These sessions will act as the perfect accompaniment to Options Volatility Trader and will truly allow you to learn while you earn! 


Call 800-244-8736 or Click Here to Get a 1-Month Auto-Renew of Options Volatility Trader for Only $69!


However, this special low price must end at midnight on Sunday, October 15th, with the monthly subscription fee returning to $199 at that point. Don't let these savings pass you by! 


Few individual traders possess the skills, knowledge and ability to profitably trade options by themselves. Instead of wondering what's next for the market, invest in a time-tested strategy that is executed by professional traders. Join our Options Volatility Trader service today!

Good Investing!


Stephen W. Bigalow  
and The Candlestick Forum Team


P.S. This really is the best price that they're ever going to offer on their one-of-a-kind Options Volatility Trader so click here to join for 1 month for just $69!


P.P.S. Want to re-view Thursday's webinar? Just click on the link below!


Click Here to View "How to Trade Volatility for Growth PLUS Income"























































































































































































































































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