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02/09/2017 Guest Presentation with Price Headley

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Stock Chat - Thursday 02/09/17



Price's ETF Options Trader service, which recommends buying calls and puts on the S&P 500 ETF (SPY), iShares Treasury Bond ETF (TLT), VanEck Gold Miners ETF (GDX) and iShares Russell 2000 ETF (IWM) using the proprietary BigTrends Market Timing and ETF Swing Trading systems, has achieved a 36% portfolio gain (based on trading $1,000 per trade in a $10,000 account) since September 1st and I'm writing today to let you know how you can learn to spot the major market turning points that ETF Options Trader finds on a weekly basis in my ETF Boot Camp!   
The ETF Boot Camp, which comprises three extensive classes on the ins and outs of successfully combining ETF option buying with intraday market timing, covers everything that you'll ever need to know to successfully swing trade with the most liquid ETFs and includes the following classes:  
1. ETF Essentials 


In the first session of the ETF Boot Camp, Price will cover the benefits and advantages of Exchange Traded Funds over individual stocks before delving deeper into the potential ETFs available from commodities, oil and agriculture to international markets and country ETFs. Price will also discuss how to profit from bear or "inverse" ETFs as well as how to trade both correlated and non-correlated sectors so that you can always maintain an edge no matter what the markets throw at you. 
2. Best ETFs for Market Timing and Swing Trading


Session 2 of the ETF Boot Camp will move the focus onto Price's market timing system for the most active ETFs to create swing trading opportunities on both sides of the market week after week. Price will detail his preferred settings for his ETF trading system and will share how he tested the system across many thousands of past trades to develop the unique settings for each of my four favorite ETFs. You will also learn specific entry and exit rules, the dual time frame technique to define a bigger picture setup and an intraday action point to get in or get out.   
3. Other Options Strategies Around Earnings [LIVE on Wednesday, February 15th at 4:30 PM ET]


In the final session of the ETF Boot Camp, Price will continue where he leave off in Session 2 by expanding upon the entry and exit rules to show you how to trade ETF options simply and effectively. Learn when to buy ETF options and how to place your profit targets and stops as well as how to manage options trades to minimize volatility and time risk while maximizing the leverage of catching major ETF moves correctly. You'll also learn Price's premier income strategy to generate consistent options results with a very high win rate as well as trade management and capital allocation rules as he delves into a vast collection of recent winning and losing trades. This review of past studies will show you the "success profile" that Price looks for each day in his ETF Options Trader program and you will emerge from the ETF Boot Camp ready to trade ETFs and ETF options to capture meaningful ETF moves in a week or less.


Not only will you learn all this but each class is archived in full HD in your BigTrends Insider Account and is available to you for life, meaning that you can watch on your own time with the added luxury of being able to pause and rewind any sections that you want to review.


And what is the price for this comprehensive educational course? 


Price has run three-part seminars in the past for as much as $295 and has also run weekly seminars for $99 a session. 


However, if you sign up before midnight on Sunday, February 12th, you can enroll in the BigTrends ETF Boot Camp for just $99! 


That's right - just $99. That's just $33 a session for the opportunity to revolutionize your ETF options trading forever! 
To take advantage of this unmissable opportunity, click the link below right away to ensure that you get your place in the final live class next Wednesday, February 15th at 4:30 PM ET. 

Click Here to Enroll in the ETF Boot Camp for Just $99 and Get Started with Your First Class Next Wednesday at 4:30 PM ET.
After you sign up, just go to and sign in using your email address and password. Upon login, navigate to the "Member Education" tab at the top of the screen and select "ETF Boot Camp" from the dropdown to watch the first two sessions that were recorded over the last week. 


So, donít miss out.  Join today and get started with Session 1 and Session 2 before the live class at 4:30 PM ET on Wednesday.  Price is looking forward to seeing your name on our ETF Boot Camp member list. 


Good Investing! 


Stephen W. Bigalow

and The Candlestick Forum Team 


P.S.  Want to get even better value? Then why not upgrade to the BigTrends Boot Camp Regiment to get the full spectrum of BigTrends education?


For just $495, you will gain access to almost 50 hours of essential trading education including the Weekly Options, Swing Trading, Credit Spread, Debit Spread, ETF Options, Donchian Channels, Earnings, Gamma Options AND Market Timing Boot Camps to make an options expert out of any trader. 


The 31 separate sessions across these 9 courses offer a comprehensive curriculum of time-tested trading strategies and methodologies that can elevate your trading far beyond its current level.


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Click Here to Purchase the BigTrends Boot Camp Regiment, featuring the Weekly Options, Swing Trading, Credit Spread, Debit Spread, ETF, Donchian Channels, Earnings, Gamma Options AND Market Timing Boot Camps for Just $495!































































































































































































































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