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10/20/2016 Guest Presentation with Chris Verhaegh

To play recorded sessions;

To view the full video you would have to download the clip. In order to download, click on the link, once on the video page you will click on the far top right hand side of the video "download" and save to your files. (If not downloaded you will only see 15 minutes of the webinar.)

Stock Chat - Thursday 10/20/16

Chris is offering a great opportunity through his educational website where you can put the magic of PULSE to work for you, and double your money 20 times in the next 20 days.


PULSE 20-in-20 Winner's Package - $97 qtr.  


This may sound crazy to you... it sounds kind of crazy to me too. But, if you say "Yes" to a quarterly subscription of the PULSE Update for just $97, conveniently charged to your credit card every three months - You will get the PULSE GUIDE and DVD Course absolutely FREE! You will receive everything you need to succeed!


PULSE Guide: How To Double-Your-Money 20 Times in 20 Days


Here's your chance to 'look behind the curtain' and learn the engineering secrets that create the magic.


PULSE represents the 5 criteria for a winning Money from Nothing trade.


P Potential

U Upside Reward

L Low Risk

S Strategic Setup

E Event


Your PULSE Guide is a step-by-step instructional 'decision tree' that assures each criteria is efficiently met.


Powerful, concise, and to the point... using illustrations, fill-in-the-blank, and the least possible words... your PULSE Guide will walk you through every trade with no mistakes.


And THAT is how you double your money 20 times in 20 days... Chris guarantees it!

  • PULSE Update

Every Saturday, to help you get ready for the week ahead, I post a short-list of prime candidates that fit the criteria for:

P Potential for Profit
U Upside Reward
L Low Risk


Then, all you have to do is flick through the list. Find options that meet the Strategic Setup.


And get in ahead of the Event.


Easily done in 10-15 minutes! 


Sit back, put your feet up, and enjoy the show!

I enjoy a good story. And if you like a good story too, you're going to love the PULSE video course.


"I think a lot of people run scared when you start talking about Delta, and Theta, and Gamma and all that. But Chris makes it simple. He tells stories and that makes it very interesting." Diego V.  


Technically, your PULSE Guide, contains everything you need to double your money 20 times in the next 20 days.


But I want you to have the full DVD course anyway.


Why? Because, while you're chuckling away, amused by the anecdotes and feeling fully entertained, you'll also gain a solid understanding of the stock market and what drives option prices.


By the time you finish you'll know more than many... maybe even most... professional traders.

  • Bonus: Daily Options Paycheck DVD 

Discuss the secret of Polarity to greatly improve all of your trades.

Over the Top 
DOUBLE Your Money 
200% Risk-Free Guarantee


Now, the PULSE 20-in-20 Winner's Package is about to get even CRAZIER... in a good way.


I feel so absolutely, positively, 100% SURE you can double your money 20 times in 20 days that I'm going to go out on a limb and promise you DOUBLE your money back if you can't!


You read right.


If you're willing to give yourself every advantage by saying 'Yes' to the PULSE 20-in-20 Winner's Package for just $97 to start, I will assume 200% of the risk!


200% Money-Back 20-In-20 TRIPLE Guarantee


Guarantee #1 You have a full three months to make up your mind about whether the PULSE Update is really right for you. If you feel you'd rather cancel, simply return the PULSE Book & DVD within 90 days and receive a prompt and courteous refund of every penny you paid us.


Guarantee #2 After the first 90 days, you may cancel your PULSE Update subscription at any time and receive a pro-rated refund for all remaining weeks. But, you return nothing. The PULSE Book & DVD will be yours to enjoy and profit from forever.


Guarantee #3 If EVER, for as long as you subscribe to the PULSE Update, you can show me 20 consecutive trading days in which you could not have doubled your money at least 20 times, I will cut you a check for DOUBLE what you initially paid to subscribe!  



























































































































































































































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