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10/06/2016 Guest Presentation with Price Headley

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Stock Chat - Thursday 10/06/16


With the market thus far in 2016 behaving in an incredibly volatile fashion, positioning yourself for potential profit has been difficult and treacherous at times. Between the huge drops and rallies in the early part of the year (not to mention Brexit) to the 30+ consecutive days of less than 1% market movement that ended the summer, many traders are sitting on the sidelines as they wait for the next good opportunity.

The market is constantly changing and evolving but many of us rely so heavily on some of our trading routines to the point that we get stuck in a rut. You can never be too educated when it comes to options trading and sometimes, a back-to-basics approach is required to reinvigorate the mind and refresh your trading plan.

And with this in mind, Price is offering you the chance to educate (or re-educate!) yourself with the BigTrends Position Yourself for Profits package at huge savings!

Incorporated in the Profits package are three comprehensive options trading education courses with a combined 50 hours of content to make an options expert out of any trader, no matter what their experience level. By signing up for this extensive program, you will gain access to:

Foundations for Trading Mastery (Digital Delivery) - With Price as your teacher, learn to overcome the many pitfalls that may discourage aspiring traders as he walks you through proven trading methodologies from building your own trading plan to position sizing and much more.

This 13-part on-demand HD video series (which you can watch at any time and for life in your BigTrends Insider Account) can help beginners take their first steps into the options trading world and can also help refine the practices of more established traders looking for greater consistency and emotion-free trading.

The course includes:

1. Define Your SMART Goals
2. Build Your Trading Plan
3. Technical Analysis I - Williams' %R
4. Build an Effective System
5. Key Systems Metrics for Trading Success
6. How to Trade for a Living
7. Technical Analysis II - Acceleration Bands
8. Fill Gaps in Your Trading Plan
9. Refine Your Trading Plan
10. Technical Analysis III - DMI, ADX & DMI Difference
11. Open Position Tracking
12. Post-Mortem Analysis of Past Winners and Losers
13. Skills Assessment

Ultimate Options Strategies (Digital Delivery) - After building your trading plan and preparing your mind to trade better, you will need to apply that knowledge to a wide variety of options strategies in order to fully realize your trading potential.

The 13 HD sessions in Ultimate Options Strategies (which will also appear for life in your BigTrends Insider Account) will teach you everything from the essentials of Options Pricing and the Greeks to being able to construct advanced trades like Condors, Butterflies, Straddles and Strangles in this comprehensive look at every strategy required to take gains in any market condition.

This course includes:

1. Know Your Options: Essentials and the Greeks
2. Essential Options Strategies
3. Debit Spreads
4. Technical Analysis I - Moving Averages
5. Credit Spreads
6. Calendar and Diagonal Spreads
7. Technical Analysis II - Donchian Channels
8. Butterflies & Iron Butterflies
9. Options Pricing
10. Technical Analysis III - Commodity Channel Index (CCI)
11. Condors & Iron Condors
12. Straddles & Strangles
13. Ratio Spreads & Paired Trades

Trading Psychology and Trade Management (Digital Delivery) - Now that you have all of the tools to effectively navigate the markets, you now need to hone your psychological edge in order to trade free from emotion and psychological biases.

This 13-session on-demand HD video course (which will also appear for life in your BigTrends Insider Account) covers the full spectrum of trading psychology and trade management tactics as I walk you through everything from developing a winning mindset and mastering your emotions to position sizing and risk management rules.

The course includes:

1. The Winning Trader's Mindset
2. Master Your Trading Psychology
3. Technical Analysis I - Efficiency Ratio
4. Manage Your Emotions in Trading
5. Position Sizing and Position Scaling
6. Risk Management
7. Technical Analysis II - Stochastics and RSI Oscillators
8. Protecting Yourself from Psychological Biases
9. Exit Strategies - Profit Targets, Trailing Stops, Progressive Stops and More
10. Technical Analysis III - Market Timing Indicators (Put/Call Ratio, VIX and More)
11. Developing "Feel" for the Markets (While Still Maintaining Objectivity)
12. Trading Simulations - Practice Increases Confidence in Real-World Execution
13. Case Studies - Lessons to Create a Profile for Continuing Success

So there you have it.

39 separate courses comprising over 50 hours of essential trading information that will enhance the fortunes of any trader no matter what their experience level.

What's more is that each class is archived in full HD and is available to you for life! This means that you can watch them as many times as you like as you seek to build your options trading knowledge or merely refresh your mind on any techniques that you may have forgotten.

These courses would regularly retail for a combined $1,485 but until midnight ET on Sunday, October 9th, you can get ALL THREE of these extensive courses for only $395!

This value is truly the best we have ever offered on BigTrends education but if you feel that only one area of your trading needs focus, or if you already own one of these courses, you can purchase each of them individually for only $195 by clicking on your desired course's name behind the link above.

As soon as you purchase, go to the BigTrends member area and log in using your username and password. Upon reaching the "Member Area" page, navigate to the "Member Education" tab and select your new video courses from the drop-down menu.

Set yourself up for big profits in the months and years ahead with this astounding opportunity that will not only enhance your trading expertise in the short term but will also provide a vital resource that you can return to time and time again.

Few individual traders possess the skills, knowledge and ability to profitably trade by themselves. Instead of relying on expensive experiments or trial and error, invest in a comprehensive course taught by a professional trader.

Good investing,

Stephen W. Bigalow 
and The Candlestick Forum Team  

P. S. Remember, this stunning value is only available for the duration of this weekend and must end at midnight ET on Sunday, October 9th. This is your opportunity to take your trading to an expert level for only $395. Don't let these savings pass you by!








































































































































































































































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