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09/29/2016 Guest Presentation with Sarah Potter

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Stock Chat - Thursday 09/29/16

Sarah says that trading consistently seems easy and straight forward. Traders expect to be able to watch a profitable trader and replicate their results, but all too often they are left feeling disappointed. You need a solid foundation and a straightforward strategy to make it as a trader.

You have probably tried many strategies with varying success. Here is the thing... trading a black box or complicated strategy rarely works out well for most traders. A complicated trade strategy is only great at hiding a losing trade most of the time. 

What you need are simple strategies that work for any stock in any market. The way you should be trading is simple and straightforward. It really doesn't have to be complicated. Learn how to finally trade set ups that are repeatable, authentic and consistent. You really can trade without being stuck in front of your computer screen and be able to repeat the trades each week.

Sarah wants you to see how you can incorporate her system to your existing trading plan, to make you an even better trader than you are now. Download this guide to start trading with consistency. Learn how Sarah trades and the systems and strategies she uses to trade each and every day.































































































































































































































































































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