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09/22/2016 Guest Presentation with Greg Herlean

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Stock Chat - Thursday 09/22/16

This training will change the way you are viewing retirement, how long it will take you to retire and how fast you can actually get there. And most importantly how to be prepared financially for retirement using Self Directed retirement accounts.

Last night on the webinar Greg answered the questions of:
  • What a SDIRA is
  • The types of transactions are allowed using a SDIRA
  • The tax benefits of opening a SDIRA and investing with your SDIRA
  • Why it is important to take control of your own retirement
We hope you are able to take an hour out of your time, tune out the rest of the world and learn how you can take the next steps to be on the road to financial freedom.

When you get to the end of the webinar, you'll also have the opportunity to claim over $750 worth of FREE gifts to jump-start your Self Directed IRA account investing... Yes FREE gifts that are yours just for taking time out to view this training.



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