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05/19/2016 Stock Chat with Stephen Bigalow and Jeff Gibby

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Stock Chat - Thursday 05/19/16

Many new traders tell me they spend hours every evening looking through long lists of stocks, trying to decide which to trade. Are you one of those traders? The MetaStock Explorer allows you to easily sift through thousand of Securities, ETFs, Futures, and/or Forex Instruments to find opportunities for your trading.

In addition, The MetaStock Expert Advisor automatically labels all of my favorite patterns. This will help you identify them instantly. If you're new to MetaStock, the Commentary in Metastock combined with my Candle Profit System patterns will explain the pattern and tell you specifically what to look for to enhance the pattern (see the image below).

CPS Chart

I spent over a year with Jeff Gibby and his programmers getting the Candle Profit Systems perfected for MetaStock. I'm proud of the product. Thanks to all of you that voted to make it one of the best add-ons in the Technical Analysis of Stocks and Commodities Readers Choice Awards.

For a limited time MetaStock and I are joining forces to give you a huge discount on my award winning add-on and their award winning software. We've come up with an incredible package to get you MetaStock and my add-on at an incredible discount. Here are the package offers:

Package One:
  • Steve Bigalow's Candle Profit System (Normally $399)
  • MetaStock D/C lifetime license (normally $499)
  • Three months of data from MetaStock (powered by Thomson Reuters) (Normally $74.85)
  • Unleash the Power of MetaStock Course (Normally $99)
  • One-Month Membership to the CandleStick Forum (Normally $99)
  • One-Month Membership to my Options Edge (Normally $147)
  • Special Training Session June 4th ($199 Value.)
Normal Cost $1,516.85
Your price $799

Package Two:
  • Steve Bigalow's Candle Profit System (Normally $399)
  • MetaStock three month subscription license with data (normally $177)
  • Unleash the Power Of MetaStock (normally $99)
  • One-Month Membership to the CandleStick Forum (Normally $99)
  • Special Training Session June 4th ($199 Value.)
Normal Cost $1,073
Your price $499

Also, to help you get the most of your MetaStock program, I will be hosting a Boot Camp with Jeff Gibby on Saturday June 4th 2015. In this two-hour session, I will go through my patterns and show you how I interpret and use them. In addition Jeff Gibby will show you how to use the MetaStock program with Candle Profit Systems. If you can't make the June 4th session, don't worry. You will get the archive.

Traders often ask me the best way to get started with their trading journey. This package includes the best tools with the best education. It is designed to include everything you need.

To take advantage of this offer you must call 800 882-3040.

Don't delay this offer expires May 27th.










































































































































































































































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