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04/05/2016 Guest Presentation with Price Headley

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Stock Chat - Thursday 04/05/16


In the course of the webinar, Price outlined the BigTrends Daily Scans service which offers you the chance to simplify your trading with a short daily list of stock and ETF names poised for big moves in the days and weeks ahead.

At 6 PM ET every trading day, Price sends his Top 3 Bull and Bear trading ideas found using his unique settings on each of Williams' %R, Commodity Channel Index (CCI) and Acceleration Bands to give you a concise list of stocks and ETFs to trade each and every day (as many as 18 across the three indicators).


Whether you trade stocks, options, ETFs or even futures, these BigTrends Daily Scans (culled from Price's extensive focus list of over 150 names) can help you to cut through the huge amount of daily noise and information overload, presenting you with the most actionable daily trading signals in both directions.


In fact, BigTrends Daily Scans has spotted some huge stock and ETF moves over the last month, including:


* 11.08% STOCK MOVE on YHOO in Just 8 Days

* 10.30% STOCK MOVE on RIG in Just a Single Trading Day

* 8.95% STOCK MOVE on FIT in Just a Single Trading Day

* 6.93% STOCK MOVE on WFM in Just 2 Days

* 5.84% STOCK MOVE on BIDU in Just 5 Days

* 5.20% STOCK MOVE on HLF in Just 6 Days

* 6.93% STOCK MOVE on WYNN in Just 2 Days

* 51.30% STOCK MOVE on VRX in Just 3 Days

* 22.81% STOCK MOVE on ENDP in Just a Single Trading Day

* 4.40% STOCK MOVE on SHAK in Just 3 Days

* 9.10% STOCK MOVE on VRX (AGAIN!) in Just a Single Trading Day

* And many more besides!


Of course, not every scan will result in a huge move and past performance is no guarantee of future success but by combining Price'sTop 3 Indicators with strict filters of liquidity, proximity to earnings, past performance of the security on the relevant indicator and freshness of the signal, BigTrends Daily Scans aims to consistently deliver the best and most actionable names for you to consider for your daily trading.


BigTrends Daily Scans usually retails at $99 for a 1-month subscription but until midnight on Friday, April 8th, Price is taking 50% off!


That's right! You can get a 1-Month Auto-Renew  of BigTrends Daily Scans for just $49!


However, not only is Price offering you over 50% off the regular price but if you join BigTrends Daily Scans today, you will gain immediate access to Price's Scanning Training Session to give you further insight into how he utilizes his Top 3 Indicators to find the best names to trade every day.  


So you can get a 1-month auto-renew of BigTrends Daily Scans with On-Demand Access to Price's Scanning Training Session for just $49!


If that wasn't enough, if you purchase 1 month of BigTrends Daily Scans today, you can also gain lifetime on-demand HD access to Price's Top 3 Indicator Boot Camp (a $299 value) for an additional $100!


This extensive 3-part course will teach you the full spectrum of Price's time-tested methods for his Top 3 Indicators, enabling you to trade no matter what the security, chart time-frame or market condition and features instruction on:


1. Williams' %R

2. Acceleration Bands

3. Commodity Channel Index (CCI)


These comprehensive classes will act as the perfect accompaniment to the BigTrends Daily Scans and will enable you to truly learn while you earn! 


Click Here to Get a 1-Month Auto-Renew of BigTrends Daily Scans for Just $49!


However, this special offer is only available until midnight ET on Friday, April 8thwith the monthly subscription fee returning to $99 at that point. Don't let these savings pass you by!


If you have any questions about the service or would like some assistance signing up, you can call Price's team directly at 800-244-8736 between 8:30 AM and 5.30 PM ET today, tomorrow or Friday.


Few individual traders possess the skills, knowledge and ability to profitably trade by themselves. Instead of wondering what's next for the market, invest in a time-tested strategy that is executed by professional traders. Join the BigTrends Daily Scans service today!






































































































































































































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