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10/08/2015 Guest Presentation with Johnny Seville

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Stock Chat - Thursday 10/08/2015


Here's the thing you should know, the months of October through December often provide 
perfect conditions for trading and are typically when traders make a huge percentage of 
their returns. For this reason I am offering this special stand alone 2 hour class on 
how to identify the highest performing scans from a profitability, probability and predictability standpoint. 
This course is ON DEMAND and can be purchased NOW.

In John's Course You will learn:
A critical difference in chart patterns that will impact your probability
How to Avoid Getting into the Trade on the Tail End of It's Profit Run
Anticipating changes in the market instead of reacting to them
Differences between triggers and conditions when building a scan
Recognizing fake-outs and Capturing the Real Movers
How to search for High Probability, Low Risk Trades

In this session he will also help you create a disciplined checklist you can 
use on every trade to ensure you are only entering high probability trades.

There are thousands of stocks to trade making it virtually impossible to go through each 
of them manually every day. 



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