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06/30/2015 Guest Presentation with Justin Weinraub

To play recorded sessions;

To view the full video you would have to download the clip. In order to download, click on the link, once on the video page you will click on the far top right hand side of the video "download" and save to your files. (If not downloaded you will only see 15 minutes of the webinar.)

Stock Chat - Thursday 06/30/2015

As part of this educational webinar, Justin is offering a SIXTY percent discount.  


The normal price is $499 up front and then $99/month.  For this deal, which expires in less than a week, he's taking $300 off.  So, the up front price is only $199.  


Click here for more info


A few details about the offer:


 - You are considered a full member, so you have access to everything that DTTM offers including the relative aggression software, live coaching sessions, the daily market assistant, full training course, and top-notch support.

 - After a month, you have 3 options.  Continue on at just $99/month, cancel, or upgrade to fully paid with credit given.


To get going, please click here


































































































































































































































































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