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01/08/2015 Guest Presentation with Marc Nicolas

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Stock Chat - Thursday 01/08/2015

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01/08/2015 Stock Chat Mov. Format

Did you get as much value as we did out of the webinar last night with Marc Nicolas?

If so, then you’ll definitely want to attend their [Special Live Event] that he’s holding on this Tuesday, January 13th, at 8PM Eastern Time where he reveals his…

Recurring Income Trading Formula...    

In this webinar you’ll learn…

   * How to Master Support & Resistance For Time Decay & Directionals!

   * How to PROPERLY Defend Credit Spreads & OTM Strategies!

   * How To Create A “Recurring Income” Trading Plan For 2015!

   * How to Manage Your Portfolio Like The Pro’s Do (With Delta & Theta's)!

   * And So Much More!

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