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10/14/2014 Guest Presentation with Guy Cohen

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Stock Chat - Thursday 10/14/2014

Now available in Mov.

10/14/2014 Stock Chat Mov. Format



30 Day Access to Guy Cohen's OVI Traders Club.    

As part of the club membership you will receive:

* Access to the Amazing OVI Indicator

- As part of this special offer, you will receive access to my OVI indicator.  The OVI is my proprietary secret market indicator, which is being used

by hedge funds, and not available anywhere else! 

* Regular Monthly Tutorial Webinars

- Observe how I analyze trades and the market, and see the trades I'm looking at!  Its like learning to trade while sitting on my shoulders!

* Reversal Trades

- While I focus mainly on Flag patterns, there are times when the market looks ripe for turning.   As part of this offer, you will have access to my reversal scanner…Again, you cannot get this anywhere else

* The Finest Quality Stocks

- Like anything in life, the best quality stocks will eventually rise.  As a member of my exclusive club, you will be able to scan for the finest companies in just a matter of seconds. 

* The OVI Sentiment Indicator

- My proprietary long term market timing tool that provides a birds eye view of the OVI for all S&P 500 stocks since 2004. 

Get it now!






















































































































































































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