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10/09/2014 Guest Presentation with Price Headley

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Stock Chat - Thursday 10/09/2014

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10/09/2014 Stock Chat Mov. Format


Recorded over the last three Wednesdays, Price presented an extensive course on how you can profit from credit spreads in the same way that I have for years.

These three classes will cover everything that you'll ever need to know to successfully trade credit spreads, including:

* Benefits of Credit Spreads
* Profit and Loss Potentials
* The Time Decay Curve
* Which Markets and Stocks Work Best
* The Best Times to Enter and Exit Credit Spreads
* When Not to Trade
* Core Technical Indicators
* Capital Allocation
* Clues That Suggest a Trade is Worth Holding (or Not)
* Case Studies
* Extra Indicator Filters
* Scanning
* Benefits to Bracketing the Markets
* When to Use a Condor versus a Credit Spread
* Market Timing and Volatility Assessment
* Trade Management Rules and Much More!

He ran three-part seminars in the past for as much as $495 and have also run weekly seminars for $99 a session.

However, if you sign up before midnight on Sunday, October 12th, you can enroll in the BigTrends Credit Spread Boot Camp for just $195!

That's right - just $195. That's just $65 a session for the opportunity to revolutionize your credit spread trading forever!
This amazing opportunity is only available to the first 100 people to respond.

Get it now!



































































































































































































































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