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04/24/2014 Guest Presentation with Toni Hansen

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Stock Chat - Thursday 04/24/2014

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Your Access to Toni Hansen's 3 Signs of Trend Exhaustion


Do you really know how to recognize trend exhaustion? It can be quite tricky at times and is often one of the most difficult skills to learn as a trader. The ability to understand trend development and recognize the signs of trend exhaustion is a skill every technical trader must master if they hope to achieve long-term success.


Click here to learn 3 signs to watch for to identify trend exhaustion.


Here are some of the things that understanding these 3 signs of trend exhaustion can teach you:  

  • How to avoid being caught in a trap, such as a false breakout to new highs 
  • How to be patient on reversals against a prior trend and time my pivot trades more precisely
  • How to differentiate between a major levels of support or resistance versus those that will break easily
  • How maximize my gain on positions by holding through the minor pauses in a larger trend  

"3 Signs of Trend Exhaustion" was a class Toni originally taught for the World Money Show in Toronto, using trades she had posted online and taken that very week. It was so popular thatToni expanded it several months later using even more recent trades. And now, she wants to share that latest version with you.


Click here to access your copy of this class. 

















































































































































































































































































































































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