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02/20/2014 Guest Presentation with Peter Schultz

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Stock Chat - Thursday 02/20/2014

Now available in Mov.

02/20/2014 Stock Chat Mov. Format

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Peter is offering the following products and services to our subscribers: 

  • An introductory webinar on how to trade credit spreads for fun and profit.
  • The complete Winning Secret income training package including:
  • A 161 page downloadable eBook detailing the strategy complete with color charts, graphs and text 
  • A 15 Chapter Video series showing the details on how to generate more income with lower risk
  • 14 Separate audio files detailing the strategy you can download to your iPod or phone 
  • Access to all archived webinars for LIFE
  • The “Automatic Money Machine” videos showing how to automate your trades for hands-free profits.
  • A Special 10-Module Video Course specifically on trading the Weeklys for more income more often.
  • And your first month’s access to The Winning Secret trading letter featuring 2 high-odds trades per week

This combination has been sold at live events for over $1200 dollars but it’s being made available to our subscribers for this event at just $297
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