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04/11/2013 Guest Presentation with Chris Dunn

Were you able to attend last night’s webinar with e-mini trader, Chris Dunn? 


He covered “The 3 Keys to Developing Confidence in Your Trading Strategy”…

To play recorded sessions;

Right-click on the link below and save target to your desktop, or to a file onto your computer. Once on your own computer, the recording may be opened with Windows Media Player, or QuickTime Player. (Windows Media Player may require codec download Click here to download codec.)


Click here to check out the class recording



Also, Chris is hosting a complementary live market trading class where he’s going to show you how to execute a rules-based trading strategy in the e-mini futures markets.


Look, it’s easy to look like a genius in hindsight, but Chris is all about showing his strategies in the live market. 


Tap here to reserve your spot for Chris’s free live market event next Tuesday at 2:00 PM ET


Here’s just a taste at what you’re going to see:


- How to find high potential setups in 3 simple steps

- Why most automated systems blow up, and how to properly test a strategy

- The 5 different market conditions, and why traders get chopped out of the markets


Chris’s straight-forward approach has earned his E-mini Academy a solid reputation, and I highly recommend joining him for this live market trading class.


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