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12/06/2012 Guest Presentation with Ninja Trader's Raymond Stein

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Stock Chat - Thursday 12/06/2012


Advanced Trading Techniques & Market Analytics with NinjaTrader 7 presented by Raymond Stein

December 6, 2012 at 7PM Central (8PM ET)

As an active trader, the trading tools you select will have a dramatic impact on your success. Whether you trade futures, forex, or equities, you can significantly enhance your trading efficiency by utilizing proven techniques used by successful day traders.

In this event Ray covers:

  • Maximize profit potential by trading directly off your chart using automatic trailing stops and profit targets
  • Be ready on every FOMC day with a Breakout strategy to effectively trade news events
  • Learn how to go both long and short on the same instrument in the same account using NinjaTrader’s powerful Strategy Selection Mode.
  • Explore NinjaTrader’s extensive list of free indicators including custom made indicators available on the NinjaTrader Support Forum
  • Added Bonus! Learn to fine tune your trading strategies by recording the day’s action and replay at your convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Raymond Stein has been involved in trading the Equities and Futures markets for over 8 years. He joined the NinjaTrader team in 2008 and has represented NinjaTrader at several trading shows in New York and Las Vegas.




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