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11/29/2012 Guest Presentation with Joe Atkins

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Stock Chat - Thursday 11/29/2012


"Profiting from Price Action and Support/Resistance with

'Forex' Joe's A to Z Trading Methodology"


How to get complimentary access to Forex Joe's daily trading plan

 This plan that has achieved 1000+ PIPs/month for 10 consecutive months!


How to use Forex Joe's "A to Z Trading Methodology" to consistently achieve profitable results every month, including:   

  • How to identify your unique trading style and how to use it to potentially profit.
  •  How Price Action reveals patterns that provide order in random movements of price.  
  • How to use Price Action, Channels, and Consolidations to identify potentially profitable trades.

This event was jam packed with great trading methods that Forex Joe has used for the past 11 years! Also, during the event Forex Joe offered a special opportunity to try out his Daily Trade Plan service that has generated over 1000 pips per month for the past 10 consecutive months!

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