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03/22/2012 Guest Presentation with Price Headley

Stock Chat - Thursday 03/22/2012

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Guest Presentation by Price Headley on Acceleration Bands

Most momentum-based indicators are significantly flawed in at least one way.

Too many trends are already slowing down by the time you finally get that momentum-based trade signal.
Said another way, the best trade-worthy trends are entered at the point of acceleration, even though finding the point of acceleration is something these tools were never designed to do, save one...

Acceleration Bands is a technical indicator that spots growing momentum in its early stages, and was created to define the top 5% winning trades where fortunes are made.

 For a limited time only, you can get a 4+ hour on-demand video series that gives you both education and access to actual Acceleration Bands formula that allows you to use this exclusive technical indicator for only $97!

 Click here to watch the video and get access to Price Headley's Acceleration Bands technical formula for only $97.







































































































































































































































































































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