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03/08/2012 Fausto Pugliese Guest Presentation

Stock Chat - Thursday 03/08/2012

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Veteran trader Fausto Pugliese demonstrates many of the techniques used by market makers to trap the unsuspecting trader. 

What you learn here is certain to save you unwanted headaches and keep you from losing your hard earned profits.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Where to find tradable stocks on the Internet.
  • How to read Level II, Total View, and ECNs.
  • How to evaluate these stocks to be certain they are tradable.
  • To perform a simple chart analysis and evaluation of a stock.
  • How to locate your entry points and exit strategies.
  • How to identify the dominant market makers of these stocks.
  • Evaluate the strategy of the dominant market makers and uncover their intentions.
  • Identify, understand, and avoid market maker traps and head fakes.

This information will help to reveal and predict the direction the dominant market maker is moving. Fausto will show you how market makers use various methods to hide their intentions and mask their activity. Called “Market Maker Traps,” these methods are very effective against those who don’t know they exist. They’re designed to mislead and/or fool traders into taking positions in the wrong direction. You’ll learn how to identify and avoid these traps.

If you’re ready to sharpen you’re trading skills and learn a trading method that you can immediately put to use to make money in the markets, this brand new seminar is not to be missed.





























































































































































































































































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