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1/26/2012 Stock Chat with Jeff Gibby on MetaStock


RMO Trading Methodology in Action presented by Jeffrey Gibby, MetaStock Trainer

This 60-minute webinar demonstrates one of MetaStock's most praised systems, the Rahul Mohindar Oscilator...or simply, the RMO.

This presentation includes the following:

  • Real trading demonstration based upon stocks selected by the audience
  • How to identify specific entry and exit points
  • How to set up specific stops to protect your account from losses
  • How the RMO can be used to protect your trading profits
  • How you can identify primary, intermediate, and short-term trends in the stocks, futures, and indexes you are trading

To play recorded sessions;

Right-click on the link below and save target to your desktop, or to a file onto your computer. Once on your own computer, the recording may be opened with Windows Media Player, or QuickTime Player. (Windows Media Player may require codec download Click here to download codec.)

Stock Chat - Thursday 01/27/2012




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