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12/07/2011 Stock Chat with Guest Speaker Gareth Feighery




December 7th - Gareth Feighery 


Gareth Feighery


An avid stock market trader, Gareth co-founded MarketTamer in 2008 after years of researching and teaching the most effective ways of building stock market wealth.


As a former engineer in Silicon Valley, he was trained to stress test ideas. And it was no different when searching for a trading system that would survive bull and bear markets alike. Combining a rigorous engineering background with a formal MBA education at one of the premier business schools in the world, Wharton, he perfected a dynamic trading system that I am convinced every investor should master  Learning how to control greed and fear is a necessity in these volatile times.


More investors are turning to candlestick charts for determining market direction. See this week's audio/video review!

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