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Candlestick Analysis Technician Level 1

The Level 1 Candlestick Analysis Technician is a designation awarded to serious traders who have completed Stephen Bigalow’s comprehensive workshop on technical analysis with Japanese Candlesticks.

This intensive course unravels the mystery of reading financial charts and propels your investment expertise to an impressive level. Candlestick expertise can give you the jump on the other 99% of investors using conventional analysis.                                                    

Who should attend this event?    

Candlestick Analysis Technician
2-Day Workshop Seminar


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Anyone who is committed to developing profitable trading skills. No prior trading knowledge is required. The Level 1 workshop takes the confusion out of tedious chart interpretation and replaces it with a quick visual snapshot within seconds.

What others are saying about our seminars.

Danny, “I have been to many other investment seminars and I have to say, no one has ever come close to your teaching abilities. When I finished your seminar, that following Monday, I made my money back that I invested in your seminar by applying your training. And, three weeks later, I was up over 15% by applying your principles and following your techniques. Before, I wasn’t sure when to buy and when to sell, but now I have the confidence to execute my trades!"

Dave Kerr rates this seminar as a Five Star Plus! "I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this seminar. It was totally comprehensive, no time lost to faulty preparations and completely devoted to the learning process. Steve was incredibly accommodating and answered even the smallest of questions.”

Ben Tuley wrote, “Far and away the most informative and useful seminar on investing I’ve ever been to!”

Anonymous reviewer wrote, “I will never go back to the bar again!” (after many hours of reading through our seminar evaluations, this gave us a hearty laugh)

Bill from Texas said… “I am truly indebted to Steve for the increased confidence and ability to make profitable trades using the candlestick trading method.”

Attendees compared our workshop to others and their overall comparison was – 5 Star rating for ‘Above quality compared to other seminars in regards to presentation, easily followed course work and above expectations for take-home materials. Most importantly, our high rating for follow-up after the event.

To assure the education process is reinforced and put into practice all seminar participants receive a 3-Month paid subscription as a Candlestick Forum Member.

Your Instructor for this Workshop
Stephen W. Bigalow
Over 27 years of investment experience, including eight years as a stockbroker with major Wall Street firms: Kidder, Peabody & Company; Cowen & Company; and Oppenheimer & Company
owner of the Candlestick Forum, LLC, an educational website to train the investing public on financial technical analysis.

Mr. Bigalow holds a Business & Economics Degree from Cornell University.

Author of
Profitable Candlestick Trading”, published by John Wiley & Sons in January 2002 and “High Profit Candlestick Patterns” published in 2005.

Contributor to professional trade publications such as;  Stocks & Commodities Magazine; Futures Magazine; Technical Analyst Magazine, and others.

Candlestick Analysis Technician – Level 1 - Workshop Outline

While this is an introductory level workshop, be prepared to go home fully educated on the profitable advantages of technical analysis with Japanese Candlestick Signals. The beauty of candlestick signals is their easy-to-learn application for trading stocks, commodities, options, or currencies. Unlike other technical analysis techniques, Candlesticks do not require difficult formulas or extensive calculating processes to master the system.

The History of Candlesticks
And, why you should stay out of the bars! Brief assessment of the advantages of candlesticks versus bar charts and the psychology behind the signals. Finally, you will understand why all the ‘talking heads’ rave about a specific company yet the stock continues to go down in price.

Why Candlesticks? – A Time for all Trades
Learning this technique is exactly the same for all entities in all time frames. Effectively used for Day Trading, Swing Trading, Scalping, Long Term portfolio positions, Options trading, and Commodities. These ‘cross-over’ technical indicators perform the same in all markets and all time frames. Candlesticks provide flexibility in trading styles.

The 12 Major Candlestick Patterns
Committing to memory these  12 powerful signals is the ground work for successful Candlestick Analysis Technicians. Major, in the sense that they occur in price movements often enough to produce a ready supply of profitable trades.
This is the core of candlestick analysis and each of these signals is explained in detail.
Doji, Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Signals, Hammers, Inverted Hammers, Hanging Man, Piercing, Dark Cloud, Harami, Morning & Evening Stars, Shooting Stars, and Kickers

Understanding the Probabilities
Learn the proper interpretation of the  candlestick signals that will put you into high-profit, low-risk trades. Trade only when the probabilities are in your favor.
What to look for during the first and last thirty minutes of the trading day.

Recognizing False Signals
Identify false signals and how to avoid them. It’s been said ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ and it is imperative to learn the nuances of each signal. Know the signals that require confirmation. Understand the signals that require immediate action to catch quick price moves. Spot the continuation patterns that keep you in the trade during normal retracements.

Combining Candlesticks with other Technical Indicators
Finding the perfect candlestick trading opportunity is only part of the equation. This is where a lot of candlestick investors go wrong. The professional investor makes sure to have as many probabilities in his favor when selecting exactly where to put limited capital. Combine candlesticks with other technical analysis, such as  Bollinger Bands, stochastics, moving averages. ( In-depth training on other technical indicators is part of the Candlestick Analysis Technician, Level 2, Advanced Seminar. )

Introduction to Advanced Pattern Recognition
Overview for advanced pattern recognition and execution is provided on Day 2 of our Introductory Seminar. (In-Depth execution for Advanced Pattern Trading is part of our Candlestick Analysis Technician, Level 2 workshops.)
Breakout Patterns – Knowing when to get on board and when to take profits
Cradle & Belt Hold Patterns – Easy-to-identify and foretells of a dramatic change about to take place
Fry Pan Bottom – the pent-up power created in this signal can produce very compelling profits.
Trading Gaps – Gaps represent enthusiasm to get into a position to the point that investors will pay prices away from any of the previous day’s trading range. Great for identifying panic selling at the bottom and exuberant buying at the top.
J-Hook Pattern – How to differentiate between profit taking and a full-scale reversal.

Question & Answer Sessions 
There is a lot of information to cover in two days. We allow approximately 1 hour at the end of each day for your questions. To be certain you will remember all the valuable training you've received - We have put together an informative Seminar Packet to help you after the workshop. (no additional charge and included with your registration fee)

Included in your Seminar Packet

Stephen Bigalow's latest Book - "High Profit Candlestick Patterns" ($90)
(Mr. Bigalow will gladly autograph your book during breaks)

Steve's newest e-Book, ‘Trading Rules to Successful Profits” (Valued at $49.95)

The ‘Major Candlestick Signals’ CD tutorial (Valued at $44.77)

Quarterly Membership to The Candlestick Trading Community – Full membership benefits for the next 3 Months, including our popular Members Only Live Trading Room (Valued at $241)

Surprise “drawings” during the event from our educational products!

Certificate of Completion is awarded at the end of the 2-Day Workshop.

Spouse or adult child may join you for only $500!

Requires registration over the phone. Please call our toll free number if your spouse or adult child will be joining you.



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