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September 24th Market Direction

You do not need to be a sophisticated financial or political analyst to utilize the information built into candlestick charts. Some charts will demonstrate the direction of a market/price trend but candlestick charts produce an immense amount of additional information that makes analyzing a trend much more accurate. Candlestick signals and patterns have identifiable results based upon human emotions/investor sentiment. Accumulating the information built into each candlestick signal allows an investor to much more accurately assess what investor sentiment is doing. Because human nature reacts the same way time after time when it comes to investment funds, the information provided by a candlestick chart produces extremely high probability results. Candlestick analysis is very accurate in its own right but for investors that have a successful trading strategy, overlaying candlestick analysis on to that strategy will make it even more clear.

Candlestick charts easily analyze all trading entities. It is not exclusive to any particular market. Candlestick analysis is the graphic depiction of what is occurring in human nature. That human nature works the same way time after time no matter what trading market is being invested. This allows for very simple logical trading strategies. Crude oil prices have shown a very bullish chart over the past few trading days. This is easily extrapolated into analyzing oil stock charts. Numerous pattern breakouts, such as the J-hook pattern, are producing very profitable trades. When applying very visual analytical information into an analysis, the more pieces of information makes for much more accurate trade executions. Simply stated, candlestick analysis consistently puts the probabilities in the investor's favor.



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