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December 11th Market Direction

Candlestick analysis provides a very major benefit when the markets are just in slow moving trends. Simple scanning and analysis techniques allow candlestick investors to identify and participate in the price moves that are getting the most attention. The magnitude of the active price move stocks gain much more volatility because they are the area that everybody is paying attention to because they are the active movers. This creates huge profit opportunities for the candlestick investor, first by being able to identify early when the activity is about to occur in a specific stock/sector, then trading off the 10 minute chart allows for participating correctly in the huge price moves. Because candlestick analysis is based upon the visual graphics for identifying strong buying or selling a specific stocks or sectors, it provides the candlestick investor with a very clear visual of where investment funds are moving to or from.

Should you be trading the hot stocks? Yes, when you utilize the information built into candlestick charts. The buy and sell signals work just as effectively on a one minute, five minute, 10 minute chart combination as they do on a daily, weekly, monthly chart combination. When you combine time frames, you gain much more clarity on what is occurring in investor sentiment. Obviously the bit coin sector is gaining a lot of attention. However, trading high volatility price moves can be done with as much effectiveness using candlestick charts as trading moderately moving price moves. Candlestick charts create a huge advantage for producing profits no matter what time frame your trading. Today some bit coin related stocks were up 40% and greater. Blockchain also. How do you trade fast-moving stock prices? With candlestick charts, you gain the insights of what is occurring in investor sentiment based upon analyzing what is happening during any time frame you want to trade.


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