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September 28th Market Wrap-Up

Because investor sentiment reacts the same way time after time, the candlestick charts reveal very positive bullish sentiment based upon the pattern set up and today's high powered bullish signal. The Dow formed a left/right Doji today off the T line. Add this analysis to the trajectory of the current trend, forming a J-hook pattern, makes the analysis of the potential future trading very easy to analyze. Because the results of a left/right combo signal has an extremely high probability of showing more bullish sentiment and the fact that a J-hook pattern is in progress, allows for the analysis that a wave three of a J-hook pattern is about ready to occur. Having the ability to analyze each individual candlestick signal as far as its relevance to a current price trend permits investors to act immediately for taking advantage of a profitable trade. Knowing what the overall market trend is going to do with a high degree of probability allows for a much more aggressive entry of high profit individual stock charts.

Knowing the overall market trend allows investors to exploit the high profit/high probability trades set ups. Candlestick analysis is the recognition of reoccurring price movements based upon the most consistent trend indicator, human nature. Candlestick signals demonstrate when there has been a change of investor sentiment, starting a new price trend. There are specific candlestick signals and patterns that demonstrate very powerful price moves. Once an investor recognizes those signals and patterns, they can constantly maintain a portfolio that has the greatest probabilities of not only making profits but huge profits.

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