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September 21st Market Wrap-Up

Market consolidation is better identified when the candlestick charts show some of the indexes trading lower and indecisively while other market indexes are trading positive. Today, the Dow is trading down, the S&P 500 and NASDAQ traded lower but in decisively and the transportation index continue to trade higher. Is it time to take profits in individual stock positions? This is where candlestick analysis becomes extremely valuable. It illustrates which stocks are continuing their uptrend although indecisively and which stocks have shown candlestick reversal signals.

The T-line becomes a valuable trend indicator. Long positions that might look a little bit soggy can still be maintained as long as there is no candlestick reversal signals and a close back below the T line. Utilizing this practice keeps investors from getting whipsaw out of positions that have not yet finished their uptrends.

There will be market conditions that do not create a lot of explosive trading opportunities. This makes analyzing existing stock price movements more important. The use of the T-line in conjunction with candlestick signals a valuable tool for maintaining profitability when the overall market conditions do not demonstrate any strong movement one way or the other. Learning to analyze the nature of price movements, clearly demonstrated with candlestick charts, provides the opportunity for investors to make changes in their trading strategies when market conditions change. Candlestick signals and patterns provide an immense advantage because of the consistent indicator, human nature. The signals illustrate when there has been a change of investor sentiment, changing a price trend, as well as providing information that demonstrates when the trend is maintaining.


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