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September 14th Market Wrap-Up

The graphics of candlestick signals allow for much more accurate assessment of the overall market trends. Today the Dow continue to trade higher, good bullish candlestick formation. The NASDAQ traded lower. The S&P 500, although it traded lower on the day, was trading above where it opened, indicating there was still buying in that index. The visual graphics of each candlestick signal provides much more information than any other charting technique. It allows investors to analyze with much more detail as to what the investor sentiment is doing during any trend/price move. You do not have to be a sophisticated technical analyst to analyze the common sense facets of candlestick charts. It is often asked whether fundamentals are considered when analyzing candlestick charts. The answer is simple. Candlestick charts are the accumulative knowledge of everybody buying and selling. The signals and patterns incorporate the decisions that are being made by everybody buying and selling during a specific time frame. The graphics of candlestick signals include all the decisions that investors have made, which is usually based upon their expectations of fundamentals.

Because price patterns are developed by the continued application of investor decisions, which is usually based upon something occurring directly with the company/stock or any other trading entity, candlestick patterns are not as susceptible to moving in the opposite direction when the overall market may move in the opposite direction. The development of the signals and patterns have already considered the market direction as only one small portion of the decision-making process. This creates two major benefits for candlestick investors. The patterns will usually move in an expected direction, in spite of the overall market direction and the magnitude of the price moves are usually much more profitable than merely holding uptrending positions during uptrends or downtrending positions during downtrends. Candlestick signals produce high probabilities of being in the right direction at the right time. The top ranked signals produce high probabilities of being in the right position at the right time as well as extremely strong profit moves.



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