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Basics of stock market investing simplified with candlestick signals

The basics of stockmarket investing should not be a complicated process. The basics of stock market investing should be a trading strategy that is very simple to implement and easy to analyze. Most investment trading strategies require years of education. Trying to learn how to utilize the Elliott wave theory is like trying to hit a moving target. Other investment strategies require having an MBA from a business school. The basics of stock market investing is very simple. Buy stocks that are going up and sell stocks that are going down. Although this may sound trite, most investors get involved with trading strategies that are way too complicated. The basics of stock market investing are built into candlestick signals.

Candlestick analysis is the process of interpreting common sense investment practices and attitudes. What makes prices move in the stock market? Perceptions! The perception that a stock/company/sector has good or bad prospects for the future. The basics of stock market investing should come down to one very simple element. Is this price about to move higher. The candlestick signals are a graphic depiction of what investor sentiment is doing in a price trend. Investment psychology has remained the same throughout the centuries. Investors have a lot different thinking process when prices are at the low end of a trading range than they do at the top end of a trading range. Candlestick signals incorporate the basics of stock market investing into a graphic form. The candlestick signals and formations show what investors do at the bottom of a trend as well as what the investor psychology becomes at the top of a trend. Having this information in a clear visual analysis makes investing that much easier to understand.

The psychology that forms candlestick signals and candlestick patterns is very valuable. It is the normal investor's thinking-process that appears consistently ever since the beginning of investing and will continue for centuries to come. There are 12 major candlestick signals that clearly illustrate what is happening in investor sentiment. These signals work very powerfully on their own. Once an investor has learned the psychology behind the formation of these signals, they will be able to understand and evaluate any trading market. Not only does investor sentiment create reversal signals, investor sentiment consistently produces trading patterns in the markets. Being able to visually analyze candlestick signals in a trading pattern produces an extremely powerful combination of analytical tools. The Candlestick Forum provides clear and concise training CDs for utilizing the 12 major signals profitably. The visual training, allowing the eyes to identify the optimal indications of a reversal, while listening to what the investor sentiment was that created the signal, makes for an easy learning process. This information, once established in the investor's mind, will be profitably utilized for any trading market.

Additionally, the Candlestick Forum provides eight information packed training CDs that demonstrate where the signals work most effectively with other technical indicators. When prices gap up after a bullish candlestick signal, this provides a powerful profit potential. When prices reverse at major moving averages, the probabilities increase dramatically for a positive profitable trade. When prices move in patterns, the candlestick signals clearly reveal what is occurring in that pattern. The information found in these eight training CDs also greatly enhance the probabilities of not only being in a correct trade, but also in a very high profit trade.

The combination of information in these two candlestick education packages will alter an investors perceptions for the rest of their lives. This is not rocket science! This is common sense investment practices put into simple visual analysis. Once an investor learns how to use the candlestick signals and patterns correctly, their return results will improve substantially. Emotional decision making will be eliminated. Pinpointing where the money is flowing to and from will be easy to recognize. Stop loss procedures for cutting losses short immediately are fully explained. When to buy high profit trades will be clearly demonstrated. More importantly, when to get out of a trade will be clearly demonstrated.


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