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The Best Stock Picks- Where do they come from?


What do most investors constantly look for? The best stock picks available. Where do they get them? Usually they subscribe to newsletters that profess research capabilities that can find the next diamond in the rough.  Others get their best stock picks from TV analysts, the ‘Cramers’ of the world. Is this the consistent way to get the best stock picks in the markets?  Usually not.


What is a structure for newsletters or analysts that supposedly give you the best stock picks?  They recommend a large number of stocks.  The few that work successfully,  they keep touting and promoting themselves as great stock pickers.  What happens to the other recommendations that have not worked well? They seem to ignore those and they eventually drift off into oblivion.


What is involved for them to arrive at their best stock picks? Usually they happen to hit an industry that is doing well.  If you will recall, Gilder  was a guru of a High Tech stocks  in the late 90’s and early  2000’s. He could add fuel to his own fire. The Tech stocks were running so hot, and he had such a large following, whenever he recommended a stock, his own customer base could produce a huge move in the stock.


However, the environment today for getting the market's best stock picks is much different.  The risk becomes investing in somebody’s recommendations, hoping that others will see the viability of that company or the company does announce something as far as new innovations or contracts that makes a stock price move.  This could mean sitting in a position for months or years before any activity occurs. Candlestick charts reveal this activity when learning to invest in the stock market.


Candlestick signals completely reverse that process. Where do the best stock picks come from? They come from identifying what investor sentiment is doing in each particular stock NOW. Candlestick signals  immediately identify new investor dynamics coming into a stock price.  Breakout signals and gaps clearly illustrate that something new is occurring in a stock price.  Being able to correctly interpret what the candlestick formations illustrate allows an investor to get into the best stock picks right now.


Utilize the information that candlestick formations convey.  That information pinpoints new investment dynamics coming into a stock price.  Learn how to use the candlestick signals to illustrate where the best stock picks are starting to perform.


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