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The Candlestick Forum Newsletter - November 9, 2005


What is the Best Stock Trading Information Website?


The best stock trading information web site is a site where an investor can learn what makes the best trades occur.  Most investors that look for the best stock trading information web site are looking for somebody to provide them with stock picks that make them money.  The problem with that process is that some web sites find good investment situations in particular markets, other sites find good trades in other market situations. When your  best stock trading information web site starts going bad, where do most investors go?  They have to go find another stock trading web site that they perceive is providing good trades.  Unfortunately, most investors spend a good portion of their investment life constantly looking for somebody to give them good investment situations.


The best stock trading information web site is a web site that teaches you how to improve your investment abilities. Learning how to use a trading program successfully involves analyzing trade situations that aren't working and correcting them.  Japanese candlestick signals have been proven for hundreds of years to work effectively.  Will there be times when they don't seem to work?  Certainly, but that becomes a function of the investor altering their investment perceptions for those market conditions.  The continuous process of learning how to use the signals effectively in all market conditions allows an investor to improve their investing by having the experience of knowing what to do when things seem out of kilter.


The new book is available! The Candlestick Forum is now making available  Stephen W. Bigalow's new book High Profit Candlestick Patterns with a new introductory offer. The clear concise information conveyed in his first book Profitable Candlestick Trading  advances the use of candlestick signals further when applying the signals to easy-to-recognize patterns. The advantage of using candlestick signals in these patterns is highly profitable. The investor sentiment built into candlestick signals allows investors to recognize high profit patterns in their early stages.


Along with this first edition book, autographed by Stephen W. Bigalow, investors will receive the new High Profit Candlestick Pattern  flashcards set. (Offer ends Dec. 8, 2005)


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