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Stock Trading Programs - Simplified With Candlestick Signals

A tremendous advantage provided by Candlestick signals is that they simplify stock trading programs. The Candlestick signals provide a high probability format for having a portfolio predominantly long, short, or mixed. Most stock trading programs do not have a mechanism for moving with the markets. As witnessed in this latest pullback in the markets, the balance of the portfolio recommendations moved fairly automatically from being predominantly long to being predominantly short. Successful stock trading programs require a format for taking profits in one direction and establishing positions in another direction. This should be done in a flowing manner versus scrambling from long positions to short positions or vice versa.

Although the stochastics have indicated an oversold condition in the markets for the past week, the Candlestick signals have not confirmed a bottom reversal as of yet. Today, trading formed a Doji in the Dow, and not quite a Piercing signal in the NASDAQ. With Crude Oil prices showing weakness today, as well as Natural Gas prices, a breakdown in these prices could be the next catalyst for a bullish bounce in the equity markets.

The Dow

Start watching for Candlestick buy signals to be forming in the next few days. This should start the process of taking some profits in the short positions and adding to the long positions.

The Book is Finished! - High profit trading patterns become dramatically more predictable when utilizing Candlestick signals. Practical applications, for greatly enhancing investment returns, are now compiled in an easy to understand format.

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For the technical investor, the combined analysis provides potent trading programs. The fundamental investor gains tremendous insights into the timing of positions. The introduction of cutting-edge computer generated technical analysis, with the world's most proven trading technique, becomes a powerful tool for understanding the movements of the markets. Discover simple techniques that put the probabilities highly in your favor.


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