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Stock Trading Basics and Fundamental Principles of Investing

Stock trading basics are a necessity for traders to become prosperous in the stock market. It is necessary, if you will, to establish some fundamental principles as you are beginning investing in the stock market. Here are some basic strategies to follow:

Stock Trading Basics
Develop a stock trading plan! Itís pretty difficult to make a cake without a recipe and the same definitely applies to stock trading basics. Even the most experienced traders can get themselves into trouble by not following their plan. When are you going to buy a stock? When are you going to sell it? What are you going to do to prevent losing a lot of money if your stock goes bad?

  • Once youíve developed your stock trading system, stick with it.

  • Trade safe and often. Especially for beginner investing, this is an important stock trading basic. Although your daily profit might seem small, it accumulates over an entire year. It is always better to win small than to lose big!

  • Look for stocks with the highest growth possibilities, and donít hold stocks when their growth possibilities are close to the average value. When this happens, a wise stock tip is to switch to a stock that is more profitable. This requires stock technical analysis, but the results are worth the effort. Remember to factor in your transaction costs such as bid-ask spread and brokerage fees.

  • Avoid risks as much as possible and only take calculated ones at that. The most important stock trading basic is to remember that you are in this to make a profit and the best way to do that is conservatively. Donít put all of your capital into just one stock. Portfolio diversification will be the thing that keeps you alive in the market, especially as you learn the stock trading basics.

Risk Reward Ratios
Itís important to realize BEFORE your first trade that not all of your investments will be successful. This stock trading basic is exactly why you need a trading plan. If you donít have a trading plan, it is difficult to make money investing in stock. If youíve ignored the plan for selecting your stock, and you donít have a stop loss strategy, you may not have any funds left when your purchase finally quits falling. By not taking too many risks, having a stock investing system, and being willing to take small profits, an investor is able to keep the risk reward ratios tipped in his favor.

Learning stock trading basics isnít difficult. Fundamental and technical analysis are things that anyone who is interested is able to learn. But the stock trading basics donít lie in the details as much as they lie in the approach of the investor concerning stock trading basics and risk reward ratios. Once an investor has developed a successful plan and follows it, the rewards will far outweigh the risks and he/she will truly become a successful trader.


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