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Major Signals Educational Package

The Candlestick Precision Major Signals Educational Package – An Interactive Online Training Course To Take Your Trading To The Highest Level Possible

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  • Over 8 hours of concentrated Candlestick chart analysis on 12 highly informative training videos covering everything from The Dynamic Doji, to the Morning and Evening Stars.
  • Each video contains expert insight and analysis from me, Stephen Bigalow, of where the signals work most effectively in a trend. Spending 45 minutes with each signal will produce a visual recognition of where a major reversal is occurring with an extremely high degree of accuracy.
  • Learn how professional traders know to buy at the bottom. Learn how they know when to sell. Learn the 12 major signals and how to incorporate common sense into your investment practices. Learn to eliminate emotions from your investing.
  • Candlestick signals illustrate what investor sentiment is doing right now! You can take advantage of that information yourself and you will see your investment returns improve dramatically as a result.


Our Major Signals Educational Package is for those wanting to refine their investment capabilities with the most proven investment method in the world. We would not be looking at candlestick signals after 400 years of use if they did not work. They work extremely well!

Learn how to use them correctly and you can extract large and consistent profits from any trading markets. Our Major Signals Educational Package breaks it all down in an easy-to-use, easy-to-understand format. This is common sense investment analysis put into a clear graphic depiction.

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Candlestick Trading Forum

The Candlestick Forum Membership site features a priceless archive of information that you will have immediate access to including;

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B. Brooks, North Carolina

For those that want to get all of the information in a hurry, the private session is a must!…the private session is one of the most intensive two days that one can spend learning how to master the candlestick trading program. Steve is very passionate about what he does and because of this he gives all he has (a tremendous wealth of experience and knowledge) to ensure that the needs of the attendee is met.

I am truly indebted to Steve for the increased confidence and ability to make profitable trades using the candlestick trading method. I would recommend the Candlestick Forum evening sessions, training materials, the book for anyone that wants to learn how to trade.


I will say this with all sincerity, Steve is one who puts his reputation and picks on the line everyday and holds himself accountable! Not a lot of others do such. Shows his integrity and willingness to provide for his membership.

Danny, Colorado

…thank you for putting on a great semi private seminar. You took your time to explain how to use candlestick signals to their full potential, and answered all of my questions. I have been to many other investment seminars and I have to say no one, has ever come close to your teaching abilities. You have a natural talent for this and I can see why this is your passion. I have been using candlestick signals for about a year and a half now and I thought I knew what all the signals meant. When I finished your seminar I had a totally new perspective on candlesticks signals. That following Monday, I made my money back that I invested in your seminar by applying your system And today, three weeks later, I am up over 15% by applying your principles and following your techniques. Before, I wasn't sure exactly when to buy and when to sell, but now I have the confidence to execute my trades.

David Goddard, Investment Fund Manager

Despite my great success in producing what I thought were well-researched returns, I have been surprised by a whole methodology that I have overlooked. A few years back, Steve Bigalow started trying to interest me in Japanese Candlesticks. I wasn't even interested.

Due to Steve's persistence, and through my great reservations, I finally got the full presentation on Candlestick signals. Boy, was I surprised. Many of the aspects that I had been incorporating into my "sophisticated" research parameters were already being used in Candlestick chart formations. And they had been used for hundreds of years. What I had spent many hours to try to formulate for computer programming had been perfected into Candlestick signals for centuries.

The Candlestick Forum group has already implemented trading programs using the signals/computer combination. They have made understanding Japanese Candlestick signals an easy program. The magnitude of sophisticated information instilled in the signals, illustrated with the utmost graphic simplicity, creates the opportunity for everybody to reap great benefits from Candlestick formations.

My thanks go to Steve Bigalow and the Staff of the Candlestick Forum for exposing a repertoire of learning processes and successful investment programs. Take advantage of the knowledge that is being presented on the Candlestick Forum Website. I sincerely recommend becoming familiar with the inherent concepts associated with the forming of the Candlestick signals.

Happy investing!

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