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Item Number: Book 1 - 2010GPK#1
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Profitable Candlestick Trading
Pinpointing Market Opportunities to Maximize Profits

 This book written by Stephen W. Bigalow will dramatically improve your investment perceptions.

Hundreds of years of proven,tested and profitable Japanese Candlestick signals.Quick and easy way to learn how to identify these high profit signals. A trusted technical analysis tool used by many professional chartists.




The 12 Major Signals Mouse Pad; Our most popular product.

 View the Major Candlestick Signals at a glance on your trading desk!

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'Candlestick Signals' Pattern Flash Cards

The original Flash Card Set 1 with quick reference and study guide for identifying individual Candlestick Signals. Graphic illustration on one side with trading criteria and description on the back. The quickest method to read charts like the pros in record time! (much like the way many of us learned our multiplication tables)

Purchased separately  the cost is $133.90 - Buy as a set and pay only $79.95 - A savings to you of 53.95 !

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Substitution of Poster for Mouse Pad requires additional ONE TIME handling charge of $5 for special shipping. Multiple posters may be placed in same shipping tube. 

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