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The Shooting Star

Item Number: SHOOT
The Shooting Star Our Price: $49.77


The Shooting Star signal is considered one of the major signals in Candlestick analysis. This 45 minute CD training program clearly illustrates where a Shooting Star signal works most effectively. Steve Bigalow takes you through a step-by-step chart analysis that makes learning the Shooting Star signal a very easy process. The psychology that forms a Shooting Star signal is very easy to understand and it sticks out like a sore thumb at the top of a trend. Your understanding of investment psychology becomes greatly enhanced when evaluating what the Shooting Star signal represents.

You will obtain a whole new perspective. Recognizing a Shooting Star signal at or very near the top of a trend will give you additional insights for increasing profit-taking returns and short positions strategies. You’ll feel more confident in closing profitable positions or establishing short positions at the most opportune times. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll gain the benefits of hundred the years of visual analysis. Your education received in this video will enhance your investment skills for the remainder of your life.

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