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The Hammer

Item Number: HAMMER
The Hammer Our Price: $50.77


The Hammer is a major Candlestick signal because of itís often seen formation at the bottom of trends. The accuracy of this signal is impressive. This 38 minute training video demonstrates where the Hammer signal works most effectively in a bottoming situation. Steve Bigalow describes how the psychology behind the signals conveys a high probability reversal. Learn how to use the Hammer profitably. The insights you will gain from this video will provide the advantage for interpreting profit producing trades. You will appreciate the repetition and clear explanation furnished in this easy-to understand training program. Your recognition of the Hammer signal will be better ingrained into your visual analysis after proceeding through this informative training. You will be impressed with the improvement of your investing psychology after being exposed to the situations where the Hammer induces high profit trades.

View the Hammer signal working profitably, then learn the scans that identify the Hammer signal.

There is no time like the present!!! The Hammer signals can be found in all market conditions.

Gain insights that will improve your investment abilities for the rest of your life.

Order Today, There are Profits to be Made!

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