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2-Day Candlestick Analysis Training

Item Number: Analysis Training
MSRP: $1,594.00
Our Price: $577.00


Candlestick Analysis Training with Stephen Bigalow
2-Day Online Training Session
June 11-12, 2011



ON SALE $997 (members; $732.75)

Regularly Priced at $1594.00 for Non Members -- 25% discount for members ($1,195.50)

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Candlestick Forum Online Training Session June 11 & 12, 2011

"Let the market tell you what the market is going to do!" Wouldn't you like to be able to accurately project the direction of a trend? This is exactly what the Japanese rice traders developed using candlestick analysis. The Candlestick Forum has developed a good reputation for providing more information for profitable trading than most investors expect.
Learn everything you need for a more profitable trading career....greater success with less stress!

My philosophy from the start has been to offer fantastic value and support to my readers. I strongly believe if you are going to charge for training you better deliver.

I've been sitting where you are now, paid Big Bucks to participate in seminars and walked away with nothing.

That is why I've put together everything I can fit into two days. You will not walk away empty handed!

Our training session is tailored with you in mind. Everything we teach is based on proven trading techniques that work in every market.

We've structured the training into digestible segments.

You will be encouraged to ask questions during the training.

Each section is recorded for later viewing and downloading to your computer.

Once completed you will enjoy the strategies loved by the wealthy. You will understand how the pre-market data influences your trading day. And the best part is, each and every setup is quick to learn and easy to understand.

Saturday and Sunday June 11 &12, 2011 should be marked on your calendar. If you have not signed up yet, seats are limited. Get your name on the list ASAP. The most powerful aspect of the Candlestick Forum Training is that you are not only taught which signals produce the best possible trades, you are shown the logic behind the formation of those signals. This education is not found in most investment programs. Having the knowledge of "why" the signals work puts you in the league with the professional traders. As we often profess during the Candlestick Forums free training sessions, prices do not move based upon fundamentals, prices move based upon investor perceptions of fundamentals.

Take advantage of the information that you will receive during this two day training program. This is not deep dark investment secrets just being brought to light. This is common sense investment perspectives built into graphic formations. You will learn valuable information that you can utilize in any investment market for the rest of your life. Candlestick signals are still as relevant today as they were hundreds of years ago. Not having the knowledge of what is occurring in market trends based upon candlestick signals puts investors at a severe disadvantage. The information incorporated into candlestick analysis is huge common sense investment practices.

Sign up today. You do not have to leave your house. Stay in your pajamas, drink your cocoa, and do not feel that you will not get your money's worth. For years, it has been both myself and Rick Saddler's mode of operation to make sure that you understand and know how to utilize the information being conveyed in these training programs.

You will not be disappointed. Whether trading stocks, options, commodities or Forex, the visual aspects on Candlestick analysis will dramatically improve you analytical abilities.

Saturday and Sunday

9:30am Central Time and scheduled to end around 4:00pm

until all questions are answered

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