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nl - quickstart pack

Item Number: MultiPackNLSpecial
nl - quickstart pack MSRP: $1,070.00


Take the mystery out of trading with Japanese Candlesticks

Learn from Candlestick Expert and published author, Stephen Bigalow,

over 20 years experience
teaching and trading

the most profitable signals.


Focus on the the most effective techniques to:

     Quickly identify changes in sentiment

     Spot trend reversals

     Confirm or dispute fundamental research

     Establish safer entry and exit points

    Profitably trade stocks, options, futures, and currencies

    Find the highest profit trades in less than 20 minutes

Stop wasting your time, and start trading efficiently while extracting the most money out of every trade! The most effective technical analysis techniques you will ever need! Each works identically the same and is equally profitable in all time frames.


Perfect for day-trading ~ trend-trading ~ or long-term buy and hold


This package begins with our

~ "Quick Start Trading Pack" (retails for $222) ~

The Major Candlestick Signals Video
Learn to read charts Fast and Easy with Candlesticks - No complex chart patterns and there are only 12 signals you will ever need!


The Major Moving Averages Video
Specific points to spot profit opportunities and predictable price points that allow you to trade, even in sideways markets.


Setting Entry & Exit Points Video
Direction is only half the battle. The secret to higher profits is timing. The proper entry and exit points reduce drawdowns and increase profits.



~ 4 Step Trading Plan ~ (purchased separately over $500)

Step 1 - Scanning Techniques to Higher Profits   
Fast and easy techniques to quickly narrow down 10,000+ Stocks to a small list of the highest profit trades for the next day.
Previously reserved for Stephen Bigalow's Private Students but now on CD for quickly evaluating the best stocks. 80 minute video tutorial

Step 2 - Projecting Price Targets 
Learn to identify price targets - Don't settle for small percent gains when you can accurately identify 10% - 20% profit targets. 60 minute video tutorial

Step 3 - Stop Loss Strategies & Techniques
Proper stop loss techniques are crucial to preserving your profits. There are two sides to every trade and you need to protect yourself from being on the wrong end. 70 minute video tutorial

Step 4 - Trading Rules to Successful Profits
Effective Tips, Tactics, and Rules of Successful Traders.
Every profitable business model requies guidelines - Trading for a living is a business, it is up to you to make it successful. 89 page e-Book

Purchase Now and receive Free Bonus  "Eliminating Emotional Trading"  (costs over $100!) Caution: you won't want to read this eBook; but you should! Learn how YOU might be leaving Money On The Table! 

 All You'll Ever Need to be a Successful Trader

Get started today; *100% money-back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.

*To qualify for the money-back guarantee, all you have to do is study this for the next 21 days. If, after that time, you are not completely satisfied, just send us an email and we will refund your purchase in full! You have up to 30 days to review from date of purchase.


Please note: Depending upon internet speed, this may take awhile to upload to your computer. We will gladly email you a zip-file directly to the email used at checkout. Include a note in the comments box upon checkout: Please send via email as attachment. Email will be sent on the next business day.

Do not hesistate to contact us if you have any problems - we are here to help!




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