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If you are just learning about candlesticks, do not be intimidated by the amount of information that is available. Stephen W Bigalow and the Candlestick Forum have simplified the learning process. You do not have to know immense amounts of technical analysis. You do not need to learn the 50 or 60 candlestick signals. Learn how to use the 12 major signals effectively. When you do, you will understand how investor sentiment is the main price mover. Learning how to use candlestick analysis effectively is not an expensive endeavor. The least expensive manner to start understanding the common sense elements of candlesticks is to read the books:


Profitable Candlestick Trading (1)  gives you a complete overview of how to use the signals effectively. This book illustrates all the candlestick signals. However, for the investor that wants to cut right to the profitable aspects of candlestick analysis, read:                                                                                             

$47.95      [More Info]


High Profit Candlestick Patterns (2) this book directs the investor to the important candlestick signals and patterns. It is suggested that this book be read first. Profitable Candlestick Trading can then be read to get a deeper understanding of how candlestick analysis is applied profitably.

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Signal flashcards (3) the signal flashcards are effective tools to keep next to your computer screen for recognizing and verifying signals are showing up on your charts. This is a fast way to learn the visual recognition of important signals.

$34.95      [More Info]


Pattern flashcards (4) the pattern flashcards provide a longer term view of profitable pattern setups. Keeping these cards next to the computer screen also provides quick visual confirmation.                                                                       

$39.95      [More Info]


12 major signals quick  training CD  ( 5) This one-hour presentation introduces and  explains  the investor sentiment present when forming the signal This is a very simple program to follow. It takes each major signal, describes the formation, and then proceeds to show how it is used effectively in projecting a market reversal.                                      

$44.77      [More Info]


Candlestick Mouse pad (6) this high-tech piece of equipment makes for an easy access when identifying the candlestick signals. It puts descriptive information at the tips of your fingers. 

$17.95      [More Info]                                                                     


The 12 major signals poster (7) This 2' x 3' glossy poster illustrates the 12 major signals. Every investment office these one of the these hanging on the wall. This attractive visual learning device keeps the 12 major signals constantly in view.  

$28.95      [More Info]                                                                                              




 #####The major signals educational package


(8) This is the core training of candlestick analysis. It consists of detailed explanations of where, when, and why each signal works as it does. Each of the 12  training CD involves 45 min. of in depth explanation of the investor psychology that formed each signal. The package price provides excellent value or each signal CD can be bought individually.

Discount Price   $419.00     [More Info]


E-books  Learn to trade with Candlestick Precision Trading Tools & Techniques

More details



The Doji (9) One of the most informative and revealing candlestick signals. This 56 minute video is an educational lesson on the messages illuminated by the Doji.

$55.77       [More Info]



The Bullish Engulfing Signal (10) - This 34 minute video is a step by step analysis of charts that illustrate the usage of the Bullish Engulfing candlestick signal in the most effective positions in a trend reversal, one that produces consistently profitable results.

$48.77      [More Info]


The Bearish Engulfing signal (11) has started a downtrend with great consistency. Knowing what makes this signal work not only provides excellent trade set ups, it allows the candlestick investor to understand what is happening in the trend in general

$48.77      [More Info]


The Hammer (12) is a major Candlestick signal because of its often seen formation at the bottom of trends. The accuracy of this signal is impressive. This 38 minute training video demonstrates where the Hammer signal works most effectively in a bottoming situation.

$50.77      [More Info]


The Shooting Star signal (13) is considered one of the major signals in Candlestick analysis. This 45 minute CD training program clearly illustrates where a Shooting Star signal works most effectively

$49.77      [More Info]


The Hanging Man  (14) has definite implications when it appears. This 43 minute educational video CD allows Candlestick investors to exploit the knowledge conveyed by the signal

$41.77      [More Info]


The Inverted Hammer (15) is one of the most effective Candlestick signals when utilized in the proper conditions. This 43 minute video CD, by Stephen Bigalow, clarifies where the Inverted Hammer signal works most effectively.

$40.77      [More Info]


 The Piercing Pattern (16)This 35 minute video CD is a clear presentation for understanding what this signal indicates. Investor sentiment, when fully understood, makes understanding when a trend reversal is occurring very easy to see. The ramifications of the appearance of a Piercing Pattern create a highly profitable trade probability.

$39.77      [More Info]


The Dark Cloud Cover (17) is one of the major signals. Stephen Bigalow explains the important elements that make this signal a highly profitable signal. The serious investor, who wants to attract all the advantages from these potent signals, will greatly expand their opportunities to enhance returns.

$48.77      [More Info]


The Harami (18) video lesson is 43 minutes of Steve Bigalow analyzing and demonstrating where the Harami works most effectively. This training video is a repetitive evaluation of the Bullish and Bearish Harami's.

$50.77      [More Info]



The Morning and Evening Star signals. (19)This 56 minute video CD training illuminates the effective results of The practical explanations provided by Stephen Bigalow produces a clear understanding of where and when to use the Morning and Evening Star signals effectively.

$49.77      [More Info]



The Kicker signal (21)  is the strongest Candlestick signal.   This 45 minute video CD will awaken your ability to participate in high profit trades. You will feel confident when you learn and understand the investor sentiment that forms the Kicker signal.

$49.77      [More Info]



Quick-Start Trading Package (21a )

STEP 1 - The Major Candlestick Signals Video
Learn to read charts Fast and Easy with Candlesticks - No complex chart patterns and there are only 12 signals you will ever need!

 STEP 2 - The Major Moving Averages Video
Specific points to spot profit opportunities and predictable price points that allow you to trade, even in sideways markets.

 STEP 3 - Setting Entry & Exit Points Video
Direction is only half the battle. The secret to higher profits is timing. The proper entry and exit points reduce drawdowns and increase profits.

$222.00      [More Info]





              Refining Candlestick Analysis


The underlying thread you will find throughout candlestick analysis is the aspect that the visual interpretations are merely common sense investment practices. This is what the Japanese Rice traders utilized to make themselves immensely wealthy. Once you have learned the basic candlestick signals, the following training quick download will help you identify reoccurring high profit patterns. There will also be a number of quick downloads that help you refine successful trade applications.



The Advanced Pattern Analysis Package (22) provides training CDs that utilize patterns and confirming indicators that dramatically improve the probabilities of successful trades. This package is provided at an attractive discount or you can buy each individual training CD separately.

$420.75      [More Info]


Gaps at the top (23) of the trend provide a significant message. Where do people usually buy? They usually buy exuberantly at the top. This becomes an extremely important advantage to the Candlestick investor.

$69.77      [More Info]

Gaps at the Bottom (24) represent enthusiasm to get into a position to the point that investors will pay prices away from any of the trading range of the previous day. This represents enthusiastic buying at the bottom which is exactly what you want to see after a Candlestick reversal signal. Or it represents panic selling on gaps down at the bottom, which is also a prelude to a good Candlestick reversal signal.

$69.77      [More Info]


Gap Trading Package - Includes both 'Gaps at the Top' (sold at $69.77) and 'Gaps at the Bottom' (sold at $69.77) - Buy as a set for only $119.77

$119.77      [More Info] 


Candlestick Trades at Major Moving Averages  (25)-A Training Video that Reveals the Not-So-Obvious. Use Moving Averages to support Candlestick Patterns to quickly see predictable Support and Resistance Targets.

$88.77      [More Info]

Breakouts (26) are the most powerful price move in the markets. Everybody wishes they could have bought a stock at two dollars and rode it to $25 in 30 days. Everybody wishes they could have bought  a stock at five dollars and sold it to $15 in a four day period.. What do you do after a stock price has moved 32%, 45%, or 104% in one day? That's what the candlestick signals tell you.

$69.77      [More Info]

The Cradle pattern & Belt Hold Pattern(27) is a very symmetric and easy-to-identify pattern.  It foretells of a dramatic change of investor sentiment.  Being able to recognize and understand how the Cradle pattern is formed provides the opportunity to participate in some extremely profitable trades.

The Belt Hold pattern  also reveals a dramatic change in investor sentiment.

$59.77      [More Info]


The Fry Pan Pattern ( 28) Is created by the pent-up power which  produce very compelling profits. What can be expected at the end of a Fry Pan Bottom Pattern? The simple results, illustrated in this information packed training video, creates opportunities for an the investor to participate in high powered price moves. Watch your profits explode.

$55.77      [More Info]


The J-Hook pattern (29) after a strong uptrend, what should be expected?  Profit taking!  How can an investor differentiate between profit taking and  a full-scale reversal?  Being able to analyze the development of a J-Hook pattern allows an investor to accurately position themselves in a strong trade.

$55.77      [More Info] 


The Scoop  Pattern (30)- When others have given up, the candlestick investor, recognizing the scoop pattern, can make huge profits.  This visually simple-to-identify pattern has powerful ramifications. Having the ability to recognize how a scoop pattern is forming creates a low risk/high profit trade potential.

$44.77      [More Info] 



***** 5-Star Trading Plan (31 ) 5-Pack of collective trading tools Perfect for Beginners to Advanced Traders consists of the following training CD's; Scanning Techniques to Higher Profits, Projecting Price Targets, Setting Entry & Exit Points, Stop Loss Strategies & Techniques Trading Rules to Successful Profits

$400.00      [More Info]


Scanning Techniques to Higher Profits (32 ) - Quick Download Streamline your stock selections with this step-by-step scanning technique Stephen Bigalow

$187.77      [More Info] 


Projecting Price Targets (33 ) - Quick Download How to Project Accurate Price Targets
Step-by-Step Tutorial to Understand Price Targets 

$127.77      [More Info]


Setting Entry & Exit Points (34 ) - Quick Download  Timing is Everything for Profitable Trades

$88.77      [More Info]


Trading Rules to Successful Profits (35 ) -Effective Tips, Tactics, and Rules of Successful Traders

$49.95      [More Info]



2-day Basic Stock Market Training  (36 )   This 2-Day Intense Candlestick Training with Stephen Bigalow learns the technical skills preferred by professional chartists -Available as a Quick Download
$796.00      [More Info]



Candlestick Forum Boot Camp (37 )   2-Day In-depth Candlestick Training with Stephen Bigalow The Candlestick Forum Profitable Candlestick Training is oriented toward the serious investor that wants to make trading a full-time occupation or dramatically increase the relevance of their trading income. Each session contains detailed explanation of elements that make candlestick analysis a powerful high-profit tool.  Learn how to make a great living from the markets.

$979.00      [More Info]


Ultimate Candlestick Training Package

(37a) 20 Videos combining The Major Signals Educational Package & Advanced Pattern Analysis Package now available in download format.

$797.00      [More Info]



                         Commodity Trading

Candlestick analysis is extremely effective when applied to commodity trading. The Japanese Rice traders developed an extremely profitable trading platform using the most basic commodity in the world, Rice. The visual and common sense applications of candlestick analysis makes commodity trading an extremely profitable endeavor.



Commodity Trading Basics (38 ) Realistic strategies and techniques for getting the most out of trading the different commodity markets

$39.97      [More Info]


Psychology behind Commodity Trading (39 )   Preparation eases anxiety and risk of surprise

$43.89      [More Info]


Successful Commodity Trading Techniques (40 )   Strategies and techniques unique to trading commodities

$143.89      [More Info]


Profitable Commodity Indicators  (41  Time tested and proven to be profitable

$148.89      [More Info]


Daytrading Commodities (42 )   Day-trading or Short Term Swing Trading 

$148.89      [More Info]


Commodity Training Package (43 )   ALL Commodity Videos combined - DISCOUNT PACKAGE

$534.43      [More Info]


Commodity Training Webinar (44  )  2-day Webinar
$997.00      [More Info]


Option training

Candlestick analysis does not provide newfangled option strategies, it merely provides common sense applications of the correct option trading strategy with the correct chart analysis. Learning this process provides trading strategies that dramatically improve the probabilities of profiting with options.


Introduction to Options (45  )   Begin your Options Training here to take the mystery out of trading options

$49.77      [More Info]

Bullish Option Strategies ( 46 )   Option Strategies allow investors to protect their portfolios while making additional profits

$189.77      [More Info]


Hitting the Long Ball   (47 ) Call Option Trades. Simple, straight-forward chronological process to learn to trade with Call Options.

$227.77      [More Info]


Bearish Option Strategies  (48  ) 60 minute video illustrates how to easily analyze and apply Bearish Option Strategies

$189.77      [More Info]


Profitable Hedging Strategies (49  ) Low Risk Option Trades to use Calls and Puts to Protect your Portfolio

$179.77      [More Info]


Staggered Spreads  (50 ) Options Strategy to Leverage small trading account into controlling large stock positions

$217.77      [More Info]


Options Webinar  ( 51 )  Options Training Course with Stephen Bigalow
2-Day Online Webinar Oct 16 & 17, 2010

$797.00      [More Info]


General Training Videos 


Trend Analysis (52 )Valuable Tool - Extremely Easy to Use
to Identify profit-making opportunities

$277.00      [More Info]


Fibonacci Trading Techniques  (53 )   Easiest way to learn Fibonacci Trading Techniques
Straightforward approach to applying Fibonacci Analysis

$37.77      [More Info]

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