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Commodity Training Webinar

Item Number: CommodityWebinar
MSRP: $1,594.00
Our Price: $797.00


Commodity & Futures Training

November 6th & 7th, 2010
2-Day online training Webinar(Saturday & Sunday beginning at 10AM ET)

Early Registration Discount $997 (members; $747.75)

Regularly Price at $1594.00 for Non members -- 25% discount for members ($1,195.50)

Register now - to sweeten the deal we're adding the following incentives:

  • $100 off coupon for future webinars through the end of 2010
  • 3 paid months of Membership ($97/month value)
  • Immediate Access to training videos (valued over $300)
  • 3 Free Monthly training video(avg monthly value $60)
  • Members Only Monday evening online Session with Steve
  • Free Access to the Live members Trading Room during market hours - Value = Priceless!
Download of recorded session included with each webinar

That is over $600 in FREE Products all included with your clinic fee.
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Train with a trusted expert, Stephen Bigalow, published in both Stocks & Commodities  and Futures magazines!

Course Program

Commodity Trading Basics

  • Overview of the commodity markets
  • The markets
  • Energy
  • Meats
  • Industrial Metals
  • Grains
  • Open Outcry & Electronic Trades
  • Major US Exchanges
  • Trading hours
  • Trading on margin
  • Minimum dollar required per contract type
  • Difference between Stocks and Commodity Orders
  • Review sample order screen 
  • Understanding the Risk versus Leverage
  • Limit Moves – each contract has a set ‘limit/amount’ per day
  • Market Orders   
  • Rules – Journals - Plans

Successful Commodity Trading Techniques 

  • Chart layout with correct technical indicators specific to Commodity Charting
  • Trends and Ranges
  • Understanding data; signals, and patterns specific to Commodity Charts
  • How candlestick signals work in the commodity market
  • Timing the Trade
  • Common Trade Executions for Buy and Sell Stop Orders
  • What is Pyramiding? 

Profitable Commodity Indicators

  • 3-Chart Open Evaluation
  • Advanced Moving Average Strategies
  • Night-time Pattern setups
  • Dynamics behind Breakouts
  • Profit Prices

Techniques for Day-Trading commodities 

  • Open Bounce with T-line failure
  • Multi time-frame trading
  • Belt-Hold on 5 minute Chart
  • Associated Trade Comparisons
  • Trend Analysis
  • Importance of 'open' for day-trading

Observe the Obvious

  • Common causes people lose money in commodities
  • Over-trading
  • Know your cutoff times; not all commodities close at the same time of day
  • Difference between speculators and hedgers
  • Self analysis
  • Know exactly the $ amount you have exposed
  • Trading details and money at risk; know your margins

Contango; wikipedia describes it as a term used in the futures market to describe an upward sloping forward curve . Such a forward curve is said to be 'in contango'. A situation where the amount by which the price of a commodity for future delivery is higher than the spot price. A contango is normal for a non-perishable commodity which has a cost of carry such as warehousing fees and other expenses. For this reason; there are times when the underlying commodity is better traded than its ETF.

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