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Candlestick Analysis Training Seminar

Item Number: Candlestick Webinar July2010
MSRP: $997.00

Recorded from our live 2010 Online Training Clinic

Regularly Price at $997.00 - on sale today for $597 and includes $335 in free training tutorials 
30-day Membership
January MembersTraining Tutorial ($48 value)
February Training Tutorial ($37 value for Free)

Appropriate for any investor, regardless of skill level.

Our goal is to provide you with easy to follow, simple training methods and techiques that will help you to make money.

To truly be a profitable trader;  you need a trading plan. Learn the technical skills preferred by professional chartists. Whether your interest is in stocks, options, commodities, futures, or Forex, this training prepares you for all trading scenarios.

  • Confidently interpret price direction by learning only 12 Candlestick Signals
  • Visually see the patterns that will make you more money
  • Set your strategy for all time-frames from pre-market to after-hours trading
  • More profits with smaller losses by properly setting entry and exit points.
  • How to pay yourself first with Techniques for Money Management
  • Easy mechanical trades that remove the guess-work for entry and exits
  • Opportunities to profit in Breakout Gaps and how to handle Bad News Gaps
  • See the difference between healthy profit-taking and a full-scale reversal ahead

You may have been attending some of the evening chat sessions and learning bits and pieces of candlestick analysis. The underlying factor that impresses most investors is the common sense investment aspects built into the graphics. Candlestick analysis is not merely identifying price reversals and price patterns, it is the comprehensive understanding of what is making prices move the way they do. Once you have obtained this knowledge, your perspective on how to make money in the markets is completely altered. You become more astute at looking for the bying at the bottom and the selling at the top. Take advantage of what the rice traders have provided over the past few centuries. Establishing an investment perspective that keeps your emotions out of your trading decisions.


The truth is that I am pretty new to trading. First small trade ever was 10/7/08. I was only semi serious by December and I took your class in late January.  After the January class I felt kind of paralyzed by that dichotomy. And February was a pretty messy month for traders also. It took me weeks to make another trade. That said, the following months really were profitable beyond my wildest dreams.

Jeanne Price - Denver, CO

I trade in the Forex markets, and time and again I refer to the your slides from the 2 day clinic to offer me comfort on the trades. Without hesistation I can say that the lessons learnt have held me in good stead. I have learnt to ignore the news that flows 24/7 and just focus on the candles.

Sarath Chandran - Mississanga, Ontario

I attended the January Online Clinic. It was a birthday present to myself and one of my best presents ever.  It was wonderful to sit in my own office, relaxed, drinking coffee while attending a professional seminar without the hassles of airlines and hotels.

As a result of the clinic, I joined and really appreciate listening and participating in  online communities during market hours. The rooms provide many watchful eyes on the market with thoughtful comments. It breaks up the solitary isolation of trading alone in your office and provides multiple viewpoints for consideration.

John Sloop - Dripping Springs, TX

What may seem complicated is made simple, what you thought was hidden in the charts becomes obvious once these fellas open your eyes.

And, if you have attended before, no matter, you will always learn something new. Playbacks of the seminars are provided, so that one can review the material - and these guys are very willing to answer subsequent questions freely, openly, honestly, and clearly.

Believe me, it is quite easy to lose the price of tuition in the markets if one is not prepared...take my advice and consider investing in your education, before speculating. Or, you may find that you are contributing to someone else's retirement rather than your own!

Steve Grove - Barrow, AK

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