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Profitable Hedging Strategies

Item Number: OptionsHedging
Profitable Hedging Strategies Our Price: $179.77


Some option strategies are high risk/high reward.  Other option strategies can take the opposite side of those high risk strategies and become very low risk.  The use of options allows an investor to protect equity position profits.  The visual advantage, provided by candlestick analysis, allows an investor to protect profits. An investor can greatly enhance a positions returns by profiting during the position pullbacks.  Simple strategies can be put in place, selling calls against an existing position, or buying puts for downside protection, to protect one's profits.  The visual capabilities found in candlestick signals and patterns allows an investor can dramatically increase the profitability of a zigzagging upward trending stock price.  This one hour video illustrates how to use option writing to your advantage.  It distinguishes between when to sell calls against the position or buying puts for the downside protection.  Take advantage of the information found in this video.  Long-term investors can dramatically improve their returns by making money during the pullbacks.

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