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Bearish Option Strategies

Item Number: BearOptions2009
Bearish Option Strategies Our Price: $189.77


Prices go up, prices go down.  It is not difficult to reverse bullish option strategies to take advantage of bearish opportunities.  This one hour training video demonstrates how to easily analyze and apply bearish options strategies.  The primary element of a successful option trade is knowing the price direction of an underlying stock.  Applying the simple strategies with the appropriate analysis allows an investor to be making money in down trends or short-term pullbacks.  You will gain valuable information from easy to understand signals and patterns analysis. You'll learn when it is more appropriate to sell a call spread versus buying a put spread.  The strategies are easy to learn because the commonsense analysis is very simple.  Take advantage of the information found in these training videos.  They not only reveal when to establish the trades, the simplicity of candlestick analysis also reveals went to close out of a trade.


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