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Bullish Option Strategies

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Buying calls on stock prices that are moving higher will not always produce profits.  There are hurdles that have to be overcome.  The bid/ask spread, the commission charges, overcoming the option premium, these are all factors that have to be included in an option trade evaluation.  Candlestick analysis provides some very simple parameters when analyzing a potential price move.  That information can easily be incorporated into the proper option trading strategy.  There will be times to buy calls outright.  There will be times when a bullish call spread is most appropriate.  There will be times when selling a bullish put spread is most appropriate.  Having the knowledge of the benefits of each of these simple strategies, fully explained in this one hour and 10 minute video, provides a valuable arsenal of investment strategies.  Take this opportunity to learn the basic mechanics of this simple option trading strategies and then learning which ones to apply to specific price movements.  Once you have learned the advantages of each option strategy, you gain control of the risk reward factors. Consistent profits from option trading are a result of knowing which strategies to use when.

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