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Hitting the Long Ball

Item Number: LongBall
Hitting the Long Ball Our Price: $227.77


Most investors anticipate trading options will make huge profits.  They visualize a small amount of money mushrooming into huge gains.  They become quickly disappointed when they discover they lose money even when the stock price went up.  Profitable option trading contains the realization that not all bullish stock prices will produce profits. Fortunately, the simplicity of candlestick analysis reveals where the high probability/high profit trades will occur. The "Hitting the Long Ball" option trading video entails 120 minutes of analyzing the chart patterns that make buying calls outright a viable trade.  This training video puts common sense evaluations into a chronological format.  Huge profits can be made with candlestick analysis and option trading programs.  Learn how to correctly utilize call option trades.  Not every price move is going to produce big option profits.  Learn which ones will and which ones require other options strategies to maximize profits.  You will gain valuable insights into when to use simple options processes.  You would not be disappointed with the simplicity and clarity this training video provides for analyzing correct option trades.

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