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Introduction to Options

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Introduction to Options Our Price: $49.77


Curious about Trading Options, but think it is too hard? This 20 minute video takes the mystery out of Options Trading by explaining the terminology found in option trading.  Many investors get confused because of the numerous terms and definitions. However, this video simplifies the terminology and covers only the important information essential to trading options. Sure, we could throw around a huge list of fancy terms, but many of them rarely come into play. Plus, the combination of Candlestick analysis with Option Strategies provides the lowest risk trades. So, we concentrated on the definitions that are important. 

 Candlestick analysis involves the study of new price moves. This eliminates a lot of the terms usually applied to option trading. This basic definition training video allows an investor to eliminate terminology that will not be important to their option trading program and let some concentrate on the definitions that are important.

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