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Item Number: HS2010-Desk Set
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The Candlestick Forum Desk Set combines Stephen Bigalow's second book; "High Profit Candlestick Patterns" with quick-download video "Major Candlestick Signals"

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 High Profit Flash Card Sets 1 & 2 for FREE (sold separately at $74.90)  and
The Major Signals MousePad for FREE (sold separately for $17.95)

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High Profit Candlestick Patterns
Turning Investor Sentiment into Profits

By Stephen W. Bigalow

Common sense put into visual graphics,
high profit patterns easily recognized using
candlestick signals

Don't play the market, Beat the market! Stephen W. Bigalow's first book taught the novice investor how to quickly identify the best trading opportunities.

Now his latest book, "High Profit Candlestick Patterns' takes you to the next level.

Learn the key to profitable stock selection with this safer approach to investing and avoid expensive trading mistakes. The ability to recognize trading patterns in their early stages empowers investors with high profit trading strategies

PLUS - Purchases made today include 3 FREE BONUS Gifts

Flash Card Sets 1 & 2

Set 1 covers all  12 Major Signals, 19 Secondary Patterns, and 12 Continuation Patterns.

Set 2 includes over 30 of the strongest High Profit Patterns.

Candlestick signals work effectively on their own.  They work even better when incorporated into high profit trading patterns.  Having the ability to recognize the formation of trading patterns in their early stages allows an investor to create low risk entry strategies while participating in high profit moves.  ‘High Profit Candlestick Pattern’ flash cards are a valuable tool for learning to optimize candlestick signals.

PLUS FREE Bonus Gift #3 - The Major Signals Mousepad

If you liked our original Flash Card set which taught you to identify individual Candlestick Signals, then you are ready to learn chart patterns with our new 4"X6" "High Profit Candlestick Pattern Flash Cards".

This mouse pad is a must for the serious candlestick investor. This appealing layout of the major signals, the signals that will be important in creating huge profits in your investment career, is illustrated in a clear, illuminating graphic.





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