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Item Number: Profit Scanner Software

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Day-Trading/Swing Trading Profit Scanning Software

What is the Profit Scanner? 

The Profit Scanner generates screens that instantly alert you the moment a stock qualifies for your specified criteria.
Receive tic-by-tic analysis with instant alerts on your desktop and trade your best strategies faster. The Profit Scanner includes a library of over 100 proven and trusted strategies developed by professionals though years of research.
Here are just a few of the preset alerts;
Range Contractions - Volatility Contractions -  Trend Following - Moving Average Strategies - Overbought/Oversold - Bid/Ask - Volume Spikes - 2-day High in Oversold Conditions - 2-day Low in Overbought Conditions - Candlestick Bullish & Bearish Engulfing Patterns - Bullish & Bearish Harami Patterns

And the best part is - you have the ability to fully customize new filters around your own personal trading strategies

The Profit Scanner offers individual traders and small firms the same powerful analytics platform used by large hedge funds and brokerage houses, but at a fraction of the cost.

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The Profit Scanner Trial comes with full access to the Candlestick Forum's Live Trading Room with full Membership Benefits. (Benefits include immediate download of over $350 of training videos and e-Books!)

Profit Scanner Monthly ($250) - Click Here To Buy

How It Works

Built upon the powerful Insight search engine, The Profit Scanner  sends stock alerts to your desktop instantly so you can trade as fast as the market changes. Leveraging the services of Interactive Data , a leading global provider of financial market data, the alerts are deliveredto your desktop on time and without delay.

The powerful application of the information, built into candlestick signals, is the expected results after a signal has appeared in the proper conditions. For the day-trader and swing trader, entering a trade immediately upon the confirmation of a signal will produce high probability results. Over the years, many investors have asked if there was a software program that would identify and alert when a signal should be purchased. Until recently, the Candlestick Forum could not recommend any software programs. They did not have the correct parameters for successful trading.
Now that software program is available! With the contribution of the signal formulas and the appropriate trend conditions by the Candlestick Forum, a very effective scanning software program is now available. For the active day-trader and swing trader, this scanning/alert program will become an invaluable tool for taking advantage of the correct trades at the correct time. The Profit Scanner puts the pertinent trading information right before your eyes.

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