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The Major Moving Averages

Item Number: MOVAVG
The Major Moving Averages MSRP: $88.77
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Candlestick Trades at Major Moving Averages

A Training Video that Reveals the Not-So-Obvious


When putting the probabilities dramatically in your favor using Candlestick signals, use every tool at your disposal. Extensive studies of the moving averages provides a platform for identifying high probability, high profit reversals. Stephen W. Bigalow's analysis of Candlestick signals at these important moving averages will help you identify and understand where the most profitable trades can start. This one-hour CD training video provides an in-depth analysis of where and why the signals work well at major moving averages.

When Candlestick signals are witnessed at important support and resistance levels, such as the major moving averages, the probabilities of identifying an important reversal in a trend becomes very clear. Take advantage of this opportunity. Utilize the years of investment research that makes profitable Candlestick trading available today. Participate in winning trades. If you're the kind of person that wants to utilize knowledge that has a proven track record, then here is the information you are looking for. See for yourself. High profit opportunities are easy to identify.

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